Anna-Marie Aldaz Scholarship: Dona Ana Community College (Las Cruces, NM) - The Anna-Marie Aldaz scholarship assists students who are attending dona ana community college and studying English as a supplemental piece to their potential career success

Anna-Marie’s legacy continues on in the heart of New Mexico. The Anna-Marie Aldaz Scholarship assists students who are attending Dona Ana Community College and whose native language is not English. Students who demonstrate financial need and are studying English as a second language or students studying English as a supplemental piece to their graduation and potential career success can be selected as a recipient of this scholarship through Anna-Marie’s legacy.

Though the loss of a loved one is never easy, those who were touched by Anna-Marie and those who hear her story can take comfort in knowing her legacy will live on and Anna-Marie will still be touching the lives of multilingual students just as she did during her time here on Earth.

“Teaching was her life,” says former student Xia Li from Anna-Marie’s English class. Li continues, “even though she was sick, she was still teaching in ESL class and tutoring students until the last time of her life.”

Anna-Marie Aldaz touched the lives of many, through friends and family and the students she encountered while teaching. As a receiver of multiple awards for teaching, Anna-Marie dedicated her life to enriching students' lives with learning. She was passionate about teaching Spanish to students and encouraging them to be multilingual, something she was proud to see from her son and grandson. Anna-Marie also loved literature. Through teaching, amongst many other ways, Anna-Marie touched the lives of many students.

“She lived a remarkable and full life. It sounds to me that she went out in the same graceful and beautiful style as she always lived by. I count my life better for having known her.” says friend Adam Deibel.

Anna-Marie’s passing left a void for so many. It takes a special person to touch the lives of so many people and to dedicate themselves selflessly to others. She was a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sibling, and a friend to many.

The Anna-Marie Aldaz Scholarship is housed at the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico. The foundation houses more than 35 scholarships within the endowment. In 2020, with support of our scholarship committee, we were able to award 220 student with more than $210,000 scholarship dollars. Scholarships can be set up in a variety of ways to support students both in southern New Mexico and throughout the US. If you are interested in setting up a scholarship please reach out to our team.

For more information about this scholarship opportunity, or to make a donation to the Anna-Marie Aldaz Scholarship Fund head to CFSNM.org, visit the CFSNM Instagram/Facebook pages, email the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico at info@cfsnm.org, or call the CFSNM office at 575-521-4794.