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Is globalization making the world stronger or weaker? 6/8/17

Is climbing Mount Everest wroth the risk? 6/2/17

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Q: How might having a valuable resource affect a region? 5/9/17

A: A valuable resource can affect a region in good and bad ways. In Southwest and Central Asia, oil (which is a valuable resource), has affected that region in good and bad ways. Oil has affected Southwest and Central Asia in many good ways! A major way that oil has affected this region in a good way, is when crude oil is drilled from oil reserves, and is turned into oil that can be used. That oil that is now usable, is then sold to others, which makes a lot of money for that country. In result, that region’s or country's gross domestic product, or GDP, rises. With a higher GDP, that region can use the money for good things. If that region or country spends the money correctly, their infant mortality rate will go down, and their life expectancy will go up! All of these things are amazing! On the contrary, with a lot of good, comes a lot of bad. Oil has also affected Southwest and Central Asia in bad ways. One way how oil has affected this region in a bad way, is that the money from the oil is not distributed equally. A lot of money can be made from selling oil which is great! What is not so great, is how that money is treated. All of that money may not be distributed evenly to citizens. In result, some people that live in countries that are rich from oil, are in poverty, and there are some people that have a lot of money, Another way that oil has affected Southwest and Central Asia in a bad way, is that some countries/people/the rulers of those countries, want more oil reserves. For example, in 1990, Iraq invaded Kuwait to control Kuwait’s oil reserves. Iraq was unsuccessful. Other countries that were oil importers and oil exporters, defended Kuwait to fight off the invasion. When the Iraqi forces were retreating, they lit a bunch of oil reserves on fire. Not good! Valuable resources can affect regions in different ways. The valuable resource of oil has affected Southwest and Central Asia in many ways. Some ways that oil has affected this region are good. Some ways that oil has affected this region are bad.

An oil rig/ oil platform in water

Q: How do people adapt to the living in a desert region? 4/13/17

A: There are a few ways that people can adapt to living in a desert region. One way for a person to adapt to living in a desert region, is if they live by a desert oasis. An oasis is an isolated spot where water can be found in a desert. When people live by an oasis, they have a fresh water supply. The people who live there also have great farmland, because of the moist soil. At a desert oasis, there are palm date trees, acacia trees, and baobab trees. There are some other resources by desert oases. Life by a desert oasis, would be much better than a life in the middle of a desert!A second way that people can adapt to live in a desert climate, is the clothing that they wear.A desert region has a hot and dry climate. In the Sahara in specific, there are strong wind gusts. The ideal clothes to wear, are clothes that protect you from the sandy winds, and clothes that keep you cool. What people wear in the Sahara, are loose baggy clothes that cover their whole body including their face. People living in a desert region need to wear different clothes than someone in northern North America! In conclusion, there are a few ways that people can adapt to a desert climate. Those people that live in a desert climate need to adapt, whether it be by wearing certain clothing or living in certain areas.

A desert

Q: What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations? 3/3/17

There are quite a few forces that unite (work for) and divide (work against) supranational cooperation’s. Those forces are centripetal forces (they unite) and centrifugal forces (they divide). Two forces that unite the European Union are cultural identity, and the common market that the European Union has established. Cultural identity unites the European Union because by having a flag, a motto, an anthem, and a day to celebrate Europe/ the European Union, so it brings the countries together to celebrate a common holiday, and to have common things (anthem , motto, and flag). The common market unites the EU because goods can move more freely across borders, and citizens have more choices in what to buy. The common market benefits EU workers because they are able to travel countries freely to find work. Two forces that divide the European Union are national pride/ cultural traditions and that more than 20 languages are spoken in Europe.National pride/ cultural traditions divide the European Union because when countries join the EU, they have to give up some power, and some countries don't want to give power. In other words, some countries just want to free from the EU. Cultural traditions divide the EU because some EU laws may interfere with a tradition. For example cooked food cannot be served after 2 hours is a law of the EU, but some countries cultural dishes call for the food to be served more than two hours later. Another thing that divides the EU is that there are more than 20 languages spoken in Europe, so it is hard to communicate, and so it is harder to unite Europe. For example, if I need to by food at a foreign market, it would be hard to communicate, and so it would be hard to buy food. In conclusion, there are many forces that unite (work for) and divide (work against) supranational cooperation’s.

The European Union flag

Q: What is the most effective style of government? 2/6/17

Representative democracy's (and democracy’s in general) are the most effective form of government because the limit a leader’s power, democracy's separate power, democracy's have rule of law, and most democracy's respect the rights of the minority. First, a democracy in general is an effective form of government for many reasons. Here are some reasons why a democracy is effective. A democracy separates the power among the government, a democracy respects the rights of citizens, in a democracy, no one is above the law, a democracy limits a leader's power, and a democracy is effective in making decisions for a country, state, community etc. There are two types of democracy, representative democracy and direct democracy. A representative democracy is better than a direct for quite a few reasons. A few reasons include, a representative democracy can make decisions faster than a direct democracy, today, most people do not have the time for what it takes to run a direct democracy, so people can elect representatives to represent their country or state, so citizens can live their lives without having to constantly participate in political affair! A representative democracy is the most effective form of government because it separates power, and it limits a leader's power, and democracy's respect the rights of the minority, and overall, a representative democracy is a great style of government.

A democracy in session

Q: What does it mean to be a good citizen? 2/3/17

A: A good citizen has rights and responsibilities, and a good citizen follows through with his/her responsibilities. As a good citizen, some responsibilities that you would have would be paying taxes to give money to the government to do projects and things, following the laws that the government makes, staying informed with what is happening in the country, and respecting the authorities. A good citizen has rights. Some rights are, freedom of speech, the right to vote in elections, the right to run for president, and to petition for something, so you can protest for things that you agree or disagree with. A good citizen is good to their country, state, community etc.. In conclusion, a good citizen understands his/her rights and responsibilities, and follows them.

A good citizen pays his/her taxes

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