1 Week Until Class EDUC 504: Historical & Philosophical Foundations of Education

EDUC 504 Students: We have 1 week until we meet together! If you are choosing to pace yourself, the following information is provided as a guide for those who choose to do so.

Assignments 1 Week Prior to Class


Read Knight chapters 8-11 (ch. 7 is optional).

Vocabulary Chart: complete it and submit it in Blackboard by the due date.

Educational Thinker Handout: Submit in Bb before your scheduled presentation. (The schedule will be announced in class on the first day.) Also, make enough copies of your handout for the instructor and all other students.

FFPS: Print out Notes Template from FFPS and complete it as you do module 8; take quiz 8 in Bb.

Course Documents: Print all handouts from Blackboard’s “Documents” page and bring them to class each day.

Class Time & Location

Our class will be in DeMoss Hall. You’ll see signs and people to direct you once you arrive. (If you want to confirm the time and location of the class before you arrive, see the "Welcome" announcement in Blackboard by scrolling down the Announcement page. You may also find this information by clicking the A.S.I.S.T. link on the LU log-in page.)


I realize that we are asking you to make a number of copies of your presentation handout, but this is necessary to accomplish our goals in the class. It's recommended that you have the copies printed at an office supply store because the cost will be less than using your own printer cartridge.


Our class has been assigned practitioners who can answer all your course questions. Please check the Announcements and Faculty pages to see who your practitioner is. This person will be glad to answer any questions you may have about course assignments or other course details.

Previous Overviews / Announcements

Before attending class, you'll find it helpful to go to the Announcements page in Blackboard to review all the announcements and overviews that have already been posted there. This will ensure that you don't miss anything important.

See you soon! -- Dr. Sam Smith

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