Tattoos on the heart project Keaton Twist p4

Introduction- This part of the book starts off with him saying he started off working in the poorest of the poor. Homeboy Industries has operated as a symbol as much as a place of concrete help. For more than twenty years, it has asked this city, “What if we were to invest in gang members, rather than just seek to incarcerate our way out of this problem?” I felt like while unnecessary the intro gave a great base for the story.

Chapter 1- God, I guess, is more expansive than every image we think rhymes with God. How much greater is the God we have than the one we think we have. More than anything else, the truth of God seems to be about a joy that is a foreigner to disappointment and disapproval. Overall this gives the first initial tone towards God. It starts to show how he can save lives. Only if we accept him.

Chapter 9-Often we strike the high moral distance that separates “us” from “them,” and yet it is God’s dream come true when we recognize that there exists no daylight between us. Serving others is good. Though the whole book was about. This chapter really summarized the book very well.


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