Digital Cameras By Joseph Clayson

DSLR's: These cameras are more designed for people who use cameras for a job or a serious hobby. This is because these cameras cost a lot of money due to the fact you have to purchase a lens separately from the body. These cameras tend to take really high quality photos and the good thing is you can get different lenses and the good thing is that you can add things like flashes and other things and the only real downside is that the photos would be of such a high quality they take up a lot of space so you have to have a SD card with a high amount of Gigabytes to for them. These cost around £3000 - £7000.

Compact: These cameras are meant for people who want a cheap and lightweight camera which can take decent photos and they come with small SD cards as the photos don't tend to be the highest quality of photos but it basically you get what you pay for. You tend to get these cameras as like underwater , shockproof and just normal ones and these cameras do not have lens which you can take off and they tend to have zoom as well. These can cost you up to £20 - £50.

Bridge Cameras: Bridges cameras are cameras which are based on a DSLR camera and it uses the body except the only difference between this and a DSLR is that you can not take the lens off because it makes it cheaper to make they do produce the same quality photos its just that they are cheaper and are meant for the people who are sort of like professional at photography and these cameras cost around: £569 - £1500.

360 degree cameras: These cameras are meant for capturing everything around is and above and underneath it hence why it is called 360. They tend to be the shape of a sphere. The only downside to these cameras is that the are not cheap they cost between £600 to £300 which for a one of these seems a lot but for what your getting isn't that bad.

Here is a DSLR Camera:

Here is a 360 View Camera:

Here is a Bridge Camera:

Here is a Compact Camera:


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