Welcome to StarworX Studios, where we are literally giving away THOUSANDS of amazing pro quality samples, loops and sound bytes, as well as many other freebies every single week for the entire next year!

And lucky you!

You get to be the one among just a few that we give them too :)

And YES ... Absolutely Free!

To do whatever you want with them.

We are StarworX

Welcome to the AEVUS PROJECT

We are a group of very successful Ghost Writers and Producers. We have composed many songs that have hit the Top 10 in many genres. Our goal is to enrich as many musicians lives as we can through AEVUS. We will bring you top notch sound design and give you the keys to the world of Pro Music Production.

First, all we will need from you is to keep recieving these "Weekly Freebie Emails" in which we will dispense these free samples, sound bytes, and other goodies to those in the loop.

This will mean making sure you prioritize these emails we send you as well as make sure we don't end up on the spam folder in your inbox when we get there.

Second, we will NEED you to spread the word to every beat maker and hopeful or aspiring producer that you know of to also sign up to receive these free weekly giveaways.

What gives you an edge over them is that for every person you get to sign up for the AEVUS PROJECT weekly giveaway you will then in turn receive 5 new additional products. Whether they be samples or patches or plugins or even instrument downloads!

Just simply send us a message with the email addresses and contact info of the person or people that you've told about the AEVUS PROJECT and as soon as they sign up you will get your new free Pro products that week. This is important and we need to know that these new additions came from you so you can be properly rewarded.

The third thing is the easiest...

We just need you to learn to accomplish True Music Production at a Pro level to the best of your ability.

It is imperative that you download all these free music production toys and tools and sound bytes, as well as download and learn all the reading material that we will send you. These will not be just your average music making tips. These will be pro level industry tips and secrets we personally use in our music production and post production work flows. Deep tricks of the trade and the most up to date techniques that are currently developing the modern of music and keeping the music industry evolving.

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The AEVUS PROJECT - StarworX Studios


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