FIT4MOM welcomes both mother and child in local workout program By Karlie Dobbs and Caroline Coleman

On weekdays at 9:30 a.m. you may find a large group of women running around the Gainesville square pushing around strollers with their children inside like a fleet of soldiers. The women behind the strollers are participants of a group fitness class called Fit4Mom.

Fit4Mom is a workout franchise founded by Californian entrepreneur Lisa Druxman. It is a program designed to help expecting and new mothers achieve their fitness goals during their pregnancy and post partum. The class allows the attendees to bring their children and include them in an 60 minute workout.

The mothers start their workout with a quick stretch before running

Every weekday morning from 9:30-10:30 at Roosevelt Square, Tashina Fritz, the owner of Fit4Mom Lanier leads Stroller Strides, a cardio session that involves strength training with the use of a stroller.

Fritz describes her philosophy for starting the program on Fit4Mom.com.

“It has been a joy to watch my girls grow up with this family of moms,” Fritz says , “and to have a group of women constantly challenging me to be a better mom and lifting me up when I need those extra words of encouragement.”

Cara Whiting one of the five instructors in the Gainesville, Braselton, and Sugar Hill region has led classes for two years. She gives insight on how the classes benefit not only the mothers, but the children as well.

“We entertain the kids, sing to them, blow bubbles all while giving the moms a great workout,” Whiting said.

Mothers jog with their children in strollers around the Gainesville square

An average 10 moms attend the class every morning including Natalie Wilson and Stacy Kerriger who have been attending the class since its launch back in 2016.

Kerriger explains how Fit4Mom has aided her through her fitness journey.

“The class is nice to go to because you feel isolated after having a baby and having a fellowship of moms is really helpful,” Kerriger said. “I lost 20 Ibs on the program.”

Wilson weighed in on the benefits of having her children join her in the Fit4Mom classes. Wilson also mentioned the fact that gyms charge extra for child care and that Fit4Mom is cost effective because it allows her children to participate for the price of one membership.

“ The kids love it. It ingrains the desire for the kids to get active and I feel like I am setting a good example for my child to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” Wilson said. “My 5 year old gets really excited about running and spending time with the other children.”

If you are interested in joining Fit4Mom, the program charges $65 unlimited a month. For more information on classes held in the Gainesville region, visit Lanier.Fit4Mom.com.

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