Terrific Ten Pin Bowling Get redy for the aim game!

Do you want to knock down 10, pins with a big ball? Keep reading! To find out how!

Bowling in Power

Bowling is a really fun sport to play! You have to push a ball on a track in front of you to knock over 10 Pins. There are black Arrows in the middle of the track.you try to bowl the ball in between the arrows. Ten pin bowling is not a team game. It is a game for singles. You have to take turns. There are different weight balls. you also need special shoes to go bowling! You can go to bowling centers, why wouldn't be called a bowling center?

Equipment and Scoring

Do you want to know what you need for bowling? Well you're in luck! Like It said in the beginning, you need special shoes that have leather soles so it can help you slide. You need a ball that is a perfect weight for you not to light not to heavy. It has three holes. 1 for your thumb, 1 for your middle finger and 1 for your ring finger. Some people have bags to keep their: shoes, water bottle, towel and house ball. (some people have house balls to keep, but in some centers they have balls that you can use at the center.) Equipment and scoring (part two.)

Time to learn handicap. A Handicap is when you calculate all your points for season.

Add total points for the season.

Divide by numbers of games played.

Subtract average from your leagues target score.

Multiply by leagues target score, your answer is your handicap!

There is also something called a perfect game that is 300 points!

Extreme Places

Are you wondering where to go bowling? You bowl in a bowling center! Not any type of center. In Bangkok there is a very good place to bowl called: Blu-o. You will never believe what it has there! They have Disco lights, karaoke, Ramps for kids, videos, and plus it is MASSIVE!! There are many bowling places in Atlanta U.S.A. Most places have lights,(obviously.) Ramps for kids, snacks, music and videos but most are GIANT!

Bowling Balls

Do you need any balls to bowl? NO! You need bowling balls to bowl. For starters, all balls are 27 inches round. There are also house balls that you own. Mostly in bowling centers they have bowling balls. Holes are drilled to fit most people's fingers. Holes are smaller for small people. Make sure your fingers fit comfortably, not too loose, not too tight. There are different weights for different people. Kids would use 6 to 8 pounds; big adults have bowling balls 14 to16 pounds.

Strike! You won a perfect game! Nice job learning about ten-pin bowling. Go out and try bowling now!


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