Cats Nasty cats by jasmine rodriguez

Have you ever had this many cats around you all at the same time

Neither have I, and it is because they are absolutely disturbing.

ACU has a countless number of cats on this campus and some of them are in the places we sit down to eat.

IT is hard to think if acu even took the students in consideration

What about people who are highly allergic to cats even if they are 50 feet away

*bless you*

Everyone has walked by the science building and have seen all the cats at the feeding station

Station #2 how many are there?

Want the cats to go away

Well we have to ask to completely remove the feeding stations. They built the stations to spray the cats, but if we never built them there would be no reason for them to be around.


  • No food= cats leave
  • We can eat outside without them hanging on the table across
  • People with allergies will not walk around with puffy eyes or sneezing everywhere


  • Cats will not have food to eat and can die
  • People who like cats will still try and feed them

The best thing to do is to stop feeding the cats.

If we continue to do this they will stick around forever.

Not everyone likes cats

I know people like to help innocent animals, but do you like them all hanging out on the tables you eat on.

It is not the nicest thing to do but people can go to a shelter and play with the cats just like dog lovers have to do


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