Aerospace Engineer Kate hanni | 2nd period


Aerospace engineers work with all types of aircraft - from gliders to space shuttles. Aerospace engineers can design, help manufacture, or develop aircraft. This includes rockets and spacecraft. The two types of aerospace engineers are astronautical engineers, and aeronautical engineers.


The current starting salary of an aerospace engineer is $68,971.

Working Conditions

Some aerospace engineers work inside, while others work outside.

Work Environment

Some work in labs testing aircraft, while others investigate crashed and system failures to determine the cause and prevent future accidents. 

Major Job Responsibilities

Aeronautical engineers work with aircraft that stay within the Earth's atmosphere like airplanes and helicopters. Astronautical engineers work with aircraft that operate outside of the atmosphere.

Job Outlook

There is a 2% decline.


Bachelors degree or more advanced degrees like masters or PH. D. is the kind of education you need to become an aerospace engineer.



Created with images by UC Davis College of Engineering - "Stephen Robinson" • jurvetson - "Explaining Masten Aerospace Reentry Dynamics to the First Apollo LM Pilot" • UC Davis College of Engineering - "Professor Harry Cheng" • UC Davis College of Engineering - "2013 Engineering Design Showcase, UC Davis"

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