The story of India By Sami and nadir

Facts about India

India is a vast South Asian country with diverse terrain – from Himalayan peaks to Indian Ocean coastline and history reaching back 5 millennia. according to BBC news India is known to be a place with the most billionaires in the world with many iconic and fascinating monuments such as the Taj Mahal and fun filled festivals to enjoy and celebrate some would consider it a jewel. But others would consider it a wasteland Although tens and millions of people are undergoing through poverty,many farmers are commuting suicide unable to provide for there family's,not to mention all the pollution ,noise traffic and general dirtiness are everywhere around you.

The story from 1914-1918

A major change in 1918 when the world war ended the income per person and the life expectancy went down massively in all the other countries but India's income and life expectancy stayed nearly the same which was very surprising which lead us to the conclusion that in 1914 at the beginning of the war,India was in a state of growing political unrest. Before the war started, the Germans had spent a great deal of time and energy trying to stir up an anti-British movement in India. My guess is to help them fight against the British because they thought if Britain got involved in a crisis somewhere in the world,such as world war Indian separatists would use this as an opportunity to advance their cause to increase the anti brutish movement. which is why during the time period of 1914-1918 India's This didn't affect India's life expectancy at all but did slightly affect the income per person people get which may have been the growth of India's growing economy

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