Good Life Tour of The Harn Ansley Copeland

The Harn Museum is filled with many amazing pieces of expression and each piece tells its own story. I do not regularly visit art museums, but after this project I might start. I was really interested in the art culture and the layout of the museum made the experience even more enjoyable and interesting. I was really amazed by the different exhibits in the museum and the amount of talent that was portrayed around me. Theres was not a single piece that I came across that did not astonish me and leave me in wonder.

Medium of the Art

Upon entering the Harn the very first piece you see is the "Old Man's Cloth". From far way it looks like a beautifully woven quilt made with an array of colors and shades, but as you get closer the piece becomes even more impressive. The artist, El Anatsui, has threaded this cloth with copper wire, recycled bottle caps, and liquor bottles. Closely looking at it you can see the handwork and effort it must have taken to complete this work and that something you just wouldn't be able to appreciate through a computer screen. I just find it truly remarkable that El Anatsui even thought to use bottles and caps to form this cloth, and then to also carryout the idea complete such a well structured piece. It shows that with no matter what you have around, you can still express yourself and create beauty. These bottles may have looked like trash to some, but to El Anatsui it was beauty and he figured out a way to show that. After seeing this piece it has inspired me to not judge anything by its appearance. Just because you can not see somethings potential does not mean it doesn't have any. Anything can be made great, all you need is a vision.

Design of the Museum

The entire Harn museum is spacious and white, giving a clean and happy feel while also keeping the focus on the art. This set up made it easy to enjoy each piece individually because there was no over crowding or anything that took away from the beauty of the works. One of my favorite wings of the museum was the Asian wing. The displays in that area were grouped together with similar pieces which highlighted the beauty of that style of art. The room also opened up to one of the gardens, allowing natural light to filter through and light up the pieces. One of my favorite pieces in that area was the "Vessel" by Kitamura Junko because of its simple structure but close precision with detail. I was really able to enjoy it because of the outside light highlighting the white detailed pattern, instead of overhead fluorescent lights that give off a yellow tint. If the structure of the room had been any other way, the pieces would still be beautiful but visitors would not be able to experience the work to its full potential.

Art and Core Values

Growing up I was always taught that family is one of the most important things. Without family, I would not be where I am today. I have such a strong connection with my family and I would not change a thing about them. One piece in the museum that really stuck out to me was the Agustin Cardenas sculpture "Family". This piece really spoke to me because of how highly I cherish my family and the sculpture shows a beautiful representation of how important family is. My family has supported me through so much, and the piece shows two parents holding their child. I think this represents how family, no matter what, will help you and give you guidance through out your life. Admiring this piece helped me reflect on all my parents have done for me and how my family is always there for me. It taught me to never take them for granted and to always show them hoe much I appreciate them.

Art and the Good Life

One of the major ideas we've discussed so far in this class is seeking out the good life through spiritual enlightenment. How some find enlightenment may be different than others, but for me I think searching for enlightenment would start with nature. I love the outdoors and am always happiest when I am engulfed into nature and I am also a big believer that nature can help us clear our minds and self reflect. the photograph "Sheep Wranglers" by Justine Kurland really stood out to me because of its peaceful, natural scene. It depicts a surreal idea of natural clarity and happiness through its bright colors and the cheerful girls. This photo shows enlightenment because of its contentedness with life and happiness with the current situation. The more I look at this piece the more I appreciate its complexity and simplicity. It has such a complex meaning behind it that many struggle to achieve, but at the same time the photo is peaceful and looks like an everyday scene. The photograph shows several girls playing in the field, representing the pureness of enlightenment. The sun shining through the tree and leaving a bright glow displays the future and finding the good life through that.

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