Dreams Come True Luna Han, Coco Liang

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Short description

A quick one minute film exploring the greediness of people and how does the rapacity erode and kill human mind. The idea is showing by a paper game made by a mysterious man and trying to test people's material desire step by step. The message is conveyed by showing the girl named Coco being obsessed with the paper ends up with miserable consequence, and the circle of this game.


A girl named Taero (Coco) finds the paper lying on the table, and see what it is. The paper says: Choose! A. Get Three Things You Want B. Save the Stranger As she chooses A, she writes Flowers for the first one. Guess what? Someone gives her a bunch of flower! After realizing it can actually make dreams come true, she becomes serious. She wrote $1000 and a house for the last two dreams. When she comes out of the room, finds a box filled with a bunch of money, and a key of a house! After she leaves the room happily, the paper is blown away. A stranger put another "dream paper" on the table and disaapears. And another girl appears and starts writing the paper. As soon as she checks option A, there's a sound of car crush; Taero was the stranger described in option B, that is the stranger in B is the one who wrote the dream paper previously.

Character Profile

Character 1: Coco is the main character through out the short film. At the beginning, Coco found out there's a dream paper. And she thought that's just a joke, and didn't care much. But when she decided to involved and write down her wishes, her greed became stronger, the dream paper blown away. Coco ends up being involved in a car accident.

Character 2: A mystery man who made the dream paper to test people's greediness and giving them punishments of the rapacity.

Character 3: The last character who appears and might get the same fate as Coco.


Our thought for the idea is to make the whole film in fast motion. And make it almost like a black humour comedy. because of the time limited,and we also want to make the lightning mostly dark and grey when the mystery man appear. And we need a serious and quiet environment to film the story. The actors should be using exaggerated movements and facial expressions because it is a fast motion comedy.


A bouquet,table,papers,pen,box of money,key, etc.

Colour Palette

two contrasting colour palettes: bright, light colours for the scenes when Coco gets everything she desires & suddenly dark colours for the shots when she get killed somehow


Mostly, we will create positive- happy, lucky, bright- mood in order to build the anti-climax/ situational irony.

Last scene(ending) of the film will be very desperate and dark so that it is contrast to the beginning. We are considering to make this ending B&W as well. If we can't, we will put dark colour palette and mood.

Location Survey

Most of the story will be filmed inside the room (mostly focus on the table). We will lend the study room and shoot there. Also the last part of the film(the shot when show the death of Coco) will be shot outside of the condo which would be small park.

Who help us
  • Candice, a student at Earl Haig: going to act as "another girl" in the film


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