Skittles By: z.S

Skittles are the rainbow turned into candy,

Skittles are unicorns magic thoughts in a pot,

Skittles are sweet and sour mixed,

Skittles are yummy without a dish,

Skittles,Skittles are dreams and thoughts,

Skittles are like chocolattes in a box.

Skittles Skittles have a wonderfull taste so eat them when it's a sunny day


Created with images by Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue - "March 2010: Vermont" • Sumana Khanom - "Rainbow" • ErikaWittlieb - "unicorn horse fantasy" • Dani and Rob - "Lemon" • Skyangel - "skittles lollies sweets" • Amy Loves Yah - "Skittles" • kasio69 - "20150315_123422" • gr33n3gg - "Sun"

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