Agricultural Project By Alex Ustimchuk

This Photo shows what how people grew crops before.

1. The First Agricultural Revolution- It occurred between 10,000 B.C and 2,000 B.C. -The main thing humans did was hunt and gather. -It changed the way we live by discovering new way of living and impacted our environment.

This Photo shows what tools that they have used

2. Second Agricultural Revolution-

-Was based on a greater use of technology . -it occurred between 1700 and 1900. - There are different tools and methods used in the era.

The picture represents the new way of farming

3. Third Agricultural Revolution-

-Mechanization began replacing animal and human labor in the United States during the late nineteenth century. - it still is around and it started in the early 1900's. - There has multiple changes in the new way of farming, There are machines and other unique ideas used for farming and have replaced the way of farming as we know it.


GMO's are Genetically Modified Organisms. This means that animals and plants are changed as a result of biotechnology. Some Advantages include, - More resistant to weeds , pest and diseases , And have some nutritional value. Some Disadvantages include, - Mixing genes from Different organisms, some GM foods were marketed without labels, Long term consequences that are not fully understood.


Created with images by Unsplash - "barley cereal grain" • alohamalakhov - "tuscany grape field" • Jangra Works - "A Farming Equipment at Mount Abu" • tpsdave - "tractor grain mixer rural" • Medialab Katowice - "Metody wizualizacji danych przestrzennych, fot. Krzysztof Szewczyk, CC 4.0 BY Medialab Katowice (2)"

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