Monster Slayers By: Timothy Jun and Mihir sukhatme

So in the beginning, this random hero gets dropped to the world after being kicked out of heaven. The reason the hero got kicked was because he was very mean to a society of aliens. In order to go back to heaven, he had to be nicer to the aliens and help them with their problems using his powers. The things that this hero can do is fly, move to the right, move to the left, and "fly" underground. The way to attack a monster is to click it until it's health bar reaches zero. There are 2 monsters and 1 boss you have to kill. Now go and slay some monsters!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

This is the Home Screen
Here is a villager that you are helping out
Here is the first obstacle, a monster.
This is the second monster, except the catch is that it can fly.
Final Boss. It uses telepathic powers to decrease your health. So you must kill him before he kills you.

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