GlenwoodTimes #2 - March 2018


Headmaster's Message

Parents (and teachers) are understandably overwhelmed with the rapid pace at which new digital products and services are being developed. Parents experience a very real fear that they might be missing out on the benefits that new technological advances might hold for their children, but they don’t yet fully trust that electronic devices and their applications are designed or marketed with the best interests of their children in mind.

Whether we like it or not, technology is here to stay and it cannot be wished away. Educators and parents need to make a paradigm shift and use media as a teaching and learning tool. It must be encouraged to be used as a way to connect and create instead of just consume.

We encourage parents to think about and develop ways in which they can use electronic media together with their young children in order to promote and develop family connections, learning and digital literacy skills, in several ways:

1. We need to emphasise teaching our children that media use means more than just entertainment. It can also involve connecting with others – video chatting for example is fine even at a young age if supervised. It is invaluable in some instances such as chatting to grandparents who are not close by.

2. Make use of technology for creating and learning together – letting your child take photos and record videos or songs, as well as looking up craft ideas.

3. Empower yourself to see digital media as a tool to assist you in meeting your parenting needs and not this “thing” that controls us or our children through gamification or abuse as an instant “babysitter”.

4. When selecting entertainment for your child make sure that you select apps that have been designed with the child’s and also the parent’s needs in mind. (Common Sense Media is a useful site for parents to access if they need any tech-related parenting question answered.)

5. “Take a break from tech”. Create unplugged spaces or times of day where both parent and child can play, be legitimately bored, or talk without distraction or feeling a need to multi-task.

6. It is critical that parents become part of their children’s tech lives. They need to test apps and watch videos with their children to determine whether they are good fits rather than leaving the children to make choices on their own.

7. Parents should not feel pressure to introduce their children to technology early in life for the sake of seeking a competitive edge or advantage. Children will take up the slack when they are older or at school.

We live in challenging times. It was a lot easier to be a child when I was young than it is for a child of today. The golden rule is that we teach them from an early age to be responsible users and create good habits in this regard. We want to raise children with healthy sleep habits, healthy bodies and a variety of interests and curiosity about the world in which we live.

We want to raise children who feel good about their relationships both online and offline. We don’t want them to react to negative emotions by publishing their feelings online, nor do we want them bingeing on videos or games that they should not be exposed to in the first place.


little glens corner


Gr 000 Meerkat and Owl class enjoyed baking bread as part of The little Red hen theme.
The Leopard class enjoyed making and eating spiders during there baking day.

sensory play

Gr 000 having fun free painting and exploring with soapy water and sponge rollers. Grade 000 love building blocks together.

grade 00 farm outing

The Grade 00s went on a fabulous outing to the Moolman Farm. The got to hold and cuddle bunnies and chicks, feed the sheep and stroke the goats. The day was ended with a tractor ride!

grade 0 tennis

Grade 0 love tennis lessons with the Gr8 Tennis coaches. Always lots of fun had by all.

preparatory bulletin

Grade 2 picnic

As part of their ‘Healthy Living’ theme, the Grade 2s went on a picnic. Mrs Leanne van Niekerk kindly offered the use of her spacious home, shady garden and swimming pool. After a short walk up Glenwood Avenue, the children arrived at their destination and quickly made themselves at home under the tall trees. Lunch tins, filled with nourishing food, were opened and silence reigned while ravenous children filled their tummies. The Grade 2s enjoyed a swim under the watchful eyes of their teachers, ball games, a jump or two on the trampoline and even got to view the bunnies that live in their warren in the garden. All too soon the walk back to school had to be made. It was wonderful to be out and about. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and look forward to their next day out of the classroom!

INTER-school athletics

Glenwood House hosted the athletics teams of Plett Primary, Oakhill and Knysna Montessori in cool, rainy conditions. The favourable running conditions contributed to many new records being set.

Left: The team trophy was presented to the Head prefects of Glenwood House, Tristan Scholtz and Marli du Toit (left). The top performers for the day were Kay-Lee Kaizer (Victrix Ludorum) and Wido Rudolph (Victor Ludorum) (right). Right: These friendly smiles belong to our young athletes who contributed to Glenwood House winning the points trophy for the day.

college campus

Records fall at GWH 2018 College Interhouse Athletics meeting

Kayla Hartman and Adrienne Vercueil (Grade 10) wrote these essays in the Afrikaans class. It really struck a chord with me and I just had to share it. Welgedaan, julle. Mr. C Boshoff

Ek sit by ‘n straatkafee en drink koffie – Kayla Hartman

Dit is ‘n koue wintersmôre en ek sit by ‘n straatkafee op Pleinstraat. Al reën dit liggies, sit ek nog steeds buite. Soms hou ek van die gevoel van koue reëndruppels op my warm voorkop. Honderde voetgangers loop in Pleinstraat, die besigste straat in Kaapstad, op en af. Nou en dan verdwyn hulle in die mis, dit lyk asof hulle na ander plekke teleporteer. Ek bestel my koffie by die jong kelner, en vir 'n oomblik kyk hy na my asof hy dink ek’s mal omdat ek so in die reën sit.

Ek sit en staar gefassineerd na die voetgangers wat verby die kafee stap. Elkeen van die mense het ‘n storie, en hulle klerestyl vertel vir my gewoonlik alles. ‘n Modepoppie met ‘n wye hoed, ‘n paar peperduur sonbrille en ‘n Franse poedel vang my oog. Haar Dolce and Gabbana logo op haar sonbrille blink sodat mens dit van ‘n kilometer af kan sien. Die poedel is net so gepamperlang, met haar naeltjies geverf en ‘n strikkie in haar hare. Die vrou gee vir my ‘n snobistiese kyk en ek besluit dat ek eerder êrens anders vermaak moet gaan soek. Die kelner bring my bestelling en ek vat ‘n klein slukkie. Die warm espresso gly in my keel af terwyl ek vir iemand anders wag wat vir my ‘n storie kan vertel.

‘n Brandarm man stap verby die kafee in ‘n stukkende baadjie en ‘n hoed. Jammer ou maat, dink ek. Daar is die modepoppies van die wêreld, en dan is daar die bedelaars. Een veg vir ‘n luukser leefstyl, die ander veg om aan die lewe te bly. Ek weet nie regtig waar ek inpas nie, dalk iewers in die middel. Met ‘n barmhartige glimlag nooi ek die man om my koffie te deel. Hy sit langs my, vat ‘n slukkie koffie, en vra my wat my storie is…

Die beste ding in die lewe - Adrienne Vercueil

My pa het altyd gesê: “Koffie is die beste ding in ‘n mens se lewe, as jy kan, drink ten minste twee koppies koffie per dag.”

Ek is my pa se kind en ek hou baie van koffie. My gunsteling plek om koffie te koop is by ‘n klein straatkafee op die hoek van Kerkstraat en Robinsteeg. Die plek se naam is ‘La Rosa Blue’ en hulle maak die beste koffie in die hele stad.

Die voordeur is ‘n rooi deurtjie met ‘n groot, swart deurknop. As jy die deur oopmaak sal ‘n klein klokkie lui. Die plek ruik soos sterk koffie en vars gebakte kaneelkoekies. Dis baie klein binne die kafee met ses ou tafels en gemengde rooi, geel and blou stoele.

Die kafee is baie vol vandag, ek besluit om by die toonbank te gaan sit sodat ek kan sien hoe hulle die koffie maak.

Ek bestel ‘n groot cappuccino en ‘n groot stuk wortelkoek. Hulle maak eers die espresso met die koffiebone. Dit ruik heerlik! Dan stoom hulle die volroom melk en gooi dit in die koppie met die espresso. Die barista maak ‘n mooi blom bo op die cappuccino met die melk en sit dit voor my op die toonbank.

“Geniet dit,” sê hy.

“Dankie, ek sal!”

Ek vat ‘n klein slukkie. Mmm, hierdie is die beste deel van my dag. Die cappuccino is nie te warm nie, dis net reg. Ek vat ‘n happie van my wortelkoek. Perfek! Toe ek my laaste slukkie opgeslurp het, betaal ek vir die heerlike koffie en stap uit.

My pa was reg, koffie is die beste ding in ‘n mens se lewe, en miskien is dit net soos die lewe. Dit kan soms soet wees en partykeer is dit swart en bitter, jy moet net leer hoe om die melk en suiker in te gooi.



The boarders cleaned up nicely for the Valentines’ Ball on 14 February. The House Parents were waiting outside their flat to intercept the boarders on the way down to the ball to steal photos of them. They looked stunning.


The Grade 8 boarders were recently inaugurated into the House. Dressed in their school uniform, they sat at a beautiful table with the Grade 12 boarders – lots of balloons and streamers!

There was a big debate amongst the boarders about why these youngsters should even be considered as part of the House. After a long discussion, the House decided to accept the newbies as fellow boarders into the House. They received their COLLEGE HOUSE badges and a few other smaller presents – a stress ball for their academic journey at the school, a card, a white rose, and a baby’s bottle that they could blow bubbles with.

When asked why they wanted to be in the House, Cameron said that he wants to be part of a family. This earned him the applause of the House.

Who will forget Jade struggling to pronounce the word “authenticity” when the Grade 8 boarders were asked to name the 14 Passion Pillars of the House?

Some of the Grade 8 boarders decided to write these Pillars on their hands so that they could cheat the system a bit- what a surprise when Mr Smit asked for a wet cloth and washed all their hands first! Sabrina was especially perturbed because she had told him that she was planning to write the Pillars on her hand to remember them, and he told her that it would stay between the two of them. Treason!

It was a wonderful evening. “Veronica” (a very colourful Bluetooth speaker) was brought out for music. The speaker was named “Veronica” by her four owners …… because she is moody.


Gerrit le Roux participated in the George Chess Trials on Saturday, 24 February, and obtained the overall first place at the event. Gerrie – we are proud of you, boytjie! Well done! The ultimate chessiminator!

Micaela Kirsten qualified for the SWD athletics team for the 400 metres and 400 metres hurdles recently. This fast athlete is a new boarder and she has managed to fit in very well into the House. Her Victrix Ludorum trophy is on the piano in the House dining room and we proudly celebrate her achievements with her. Congratulations, goudvis!



Tertia Kemp is proud to say that she has been part of the Glenwood family for 11 years as Financial Manager. Tertia is highly competent at what she does, and is a valuable member of staff. She was born in Gauteng and completed her B Comm degree at RAU University. After working for many years in Gauteng, they made the decision as a family to relocate to the Garden Route 13 years ago.

Tertia is married to Bernie and has two lovely daughters, Bernitia (19) and Kalista (13). They live in Cola Beach, Sedgefield, where they can be seen on many occasions taking long walks on the beach. In her spare time, Tersia also enjoys reading, baking and spending time with friends and family.

Nicole Edwards

Nicole is married to Bryn Edwards. She is a proud mom to her two beautiful children, Grace 6 years old in Grade 1 and Harvey 4 years old in the Meerkat class. She also has a cute dog called Skye.

Nicole is a humble, sensitive, quiet and competitive lady. She does not like to be the centre of attention. She is disciplined, creative and hard working. Her family is her priority and she lives to love.

Nicole is the Grade 000 teacher for the Owl Class. She teaches the children the important skills that they need to know for the rest of their school life. She instils a positive attitude, independence and confidence in each child as they reach their full potential.

Nicole started at Little Glens this year as the Owl Class teacher. However, she has been part of the Glenwood family for over a year as she had been a substitute teacher.

Nicole enjoys running, going to gym, being outdoors and close to the sea. She also enjoys painting, gardening and cooking.

Nicole likes anything in the shape of a heart, the colour blue, chocolate, the ocean, takkies, white roses and pizza.

Lyndon Volkwyn

Lyndon Volkwyn is currently a Grade 4 teacher at Glenwood Prep. He attended Outeniqua High School and studied at Nelson Mandela University. He previously taught at Ridgeview Primary in Mossel Bay and joined our staff in 2016. He teaches Mathematics, Afrikaans and Economics and Management sciences.

Lyndon enjoys a variety of sporting codes. Rugby and cricket fascinate him and he has a deep love for athletics and soccer. Personal accomplishments on the sports field are: Athletics: SA youth in 2005, Rugby: u16 Provincial team. (This was the year he broke his neck and his rugby dreams were dashed.) He made his first class debut in cricket at the age of 18 and represented the Free State Cricket Union, where he played from 2007 until 2010. He moved to SWD and played cricket until 2016. In 2011 he was selected to represent SA Universities. A sportsman like Lyndon is truly an asset to Glenwood.

Lyndon loves hiking and enjoys discovering new places to hike along the Garden Route. He describes himself as an easy-going person who likes a good laugh and enjoys seeing others achieve their best potential. This is a great characteristic in a teacher! He dislikes being taken for granted.

His motto to live by is: “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” (Vince Lombard)

Lyndon is a well-mannered young gentleman who is liked by all. I quote one of his colleagues: “This young man has a bright future.”


eden athletics team

Our Glenwood house athletes are jumping for joy because their performances have secured their inclusion in the Eden athletics team. All three athletes will compete in the long jump event.

From left: Carmi Lewis (she won all 3 events for which she was allowed to qualifty: long jump, 100m and 150m), Wido Rudolph and Sarah de Wit.

PREPARATORY athletics report

Congratulations to Carmi Lewis who achieved a silver medal for long jump at the Western Cape Athletics Championships recently. Carmi was also part of the Eden ladder relay team that won the bronze medal.


On Friday, 9 March, our swimmers took part in the ‘Loerie Invitational’ gala at George South Primary School. After a day of great spirit and outstanding swimming, Glenwood House walked away with the trophy for the winning team. The points were as follows:

Glenwood House – 161, George Suid – 89, Knysna Primary – 89, Outeniqua Primary – 54, George Prep – 22, Blanco Primary – 20

Well done to all the swimmers who participated!

Mr Konrad Postma from George South hands over the trophy to Catherine Mentz and Daniel vd Merwe.

Senior Primary Eden Champs Gala

Congratulations to our U10 – U13 swimmers who once again walked away with the trophy for the best swimming school at the Senior Primary Eden Champs Gala held at Outeniqua Primary on Friday, 16 February 2018.

The final scores were as follows:

Best presence ever for GWH College Athletes at SWD provincial championships

Left: 1st row: Jenna Borrett, Gunther Young, Lincy Gondwe, 2nd row: Gisèle Young, Lara Vrey, Micaela Kirsten, 3rd row:Nicole Schewitz, Genévieve Young, Mark Barbour, Back: Jos Fogle, Hendrik Visser, Aiden van Eeden. Right: Carla du Plessis

No fewer than 13 athletes represented GWH College and the George regional team at the annual SWD provincial championships in Oudsthoorn on the 23rd and 24th of February 2018!

It is the best ever presence at these championships for GWH and bodes well for the future of track and field athletics at the school.

On the day Carla du Plessis (high jump GU17) and Micaela Kirsten (400mH GU17) led the GWH team performances. Carla cleared the bar at 1.60m with Micaela setting a time of 68.99s. Gunther Young took the pole vault BU15 title with a height of 1.78m.

The final medal table for the GWH team: 3 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze.

The final feather in the cap was the selection of 5 GWH athletes for the SWD team that will compete at the Western Cape Championships in early March 2018.

Gisèle Young, Genévieve Young, Hendrik Visser, Micaela Kirsten

General Sport

Congratulations to Kirsten Barbour (Water Polo U16) who was included in the CANA Zone IV Team for South Africa taking part in Durban 8-11 March. Good luck and we are proud of you.

Well done to Gillian Young for being selected for the Eden U20 and Eden Open “B” side Lawn Bowling. She will take part in the National Championships on 2-7 April.

Athletics: Micaela Kirsten, Carla du Plessis, Gisèle Young, Genévieve Young and Hendrik Visser are all included in the SWD Athletics team to take part at the Western Cape Trials in March – Good luck to all of you.

Swimming: Hannah Murray is keeping our name high with her swimming performances this year at the IPT where she represented SWD – well done, Hannah!

Swimming Inter-House: Courtenay won the Inter-House gala, Junior Victrix – Hannah Murray, Junior Victor – Roelof Naudé, Senior Victrix – Ulricke Jansen van Vuuren, Senior Victor – George Marais

george marais

At the recent Knysna Dragons gala, George Marais swam 8 events and won 7 silver and 1 bronze medal. George is a member of the Royal Swimming Academy in George.

vides waterpolo tournament

The Glenwood House 1st boys’ Water polo team was invited to Selborne College, East London, to play in the prestigious Vides water polo tournament. This annual event is the oldest schoolboy water polo tournament in the country.

Results of the pool matches were: 2-15 loss vs Paul Roos Gymnasium, 5-10 loss vs Northwood College Durban, 1-10 loss vs Grey PE and a 13-1 win vs Hudson Park. In the play-offs we lost to Grey College 4-6, but beat Alexander Road 9-6 to end 15th (out of 18 schools) at the tournament.

A huge thank you to John Dory’s for their sponsorship of our new first team water polo caps. Thank you to Coach Guy Bird, parents Grant and Trudie Lockyear for support and also to Mr Eric Young for transport over the weekend.

The Weekend of 24 – 25 February our 1st team took part in the St Andrew's Shield tournament in the Plate division. We did well and came 5th out of 18 teams.

On Friday we won 8-1 against Port Rex and 7-2 against Pearson II. Then we lost 2-5 against a strong Selborne II. Saturday in play-offs we lost the first match against the tournament winners PE Grey II 3-2 whereafter we beat St Andrew's U16A 3-0 and Westerford 4-2.

It was a great tournament with great polo played by our boys. Thanks for the great parent support on the weekend.

myschool myvillage myplanet


Our Golf coaching programme is instructed by Roelof Roeloffze and Leanda Schulze.

The programme is based on a 1-hour session per week or 2 x 30min sessions, depending on the age group.

Lessons are available from Monday to Thursday at the following times:

13:00-13:30, 13:30-14:00, 14:00-14:30, 14:30-15:30, 15:30-16:30, 16:30-17:30

Cost: R450 per month

Children will also be invited to our ASM Tour events and play according to their age groups if they are in our programme.

We also offer a Junior School League for children in Gr1 – Gr3 as well as a Primary and High school league for older children. This league is open to all.

Junior Driving Range Membership

Once off fee: R650 - from joining date until the end of November.

Includes 150 balls per day (adult can share at no extra cost).

Please contact Roelof on 082 875 4385 if you would like to sign up for our programme.

Please see below our fixture list of all the events this year:

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