A Heart to Serve

The Great Commission is something that is not being as lived out as it should be. Students at Liberty University have the opportunity to evangelize and need to be doing it more often in the community around them through service.

In the state of Virginia, there are many diverse communities that are unreached; and at the center of all the towns, is the city of Lynchburg. Students have the opportunity to reach all of these cities, by beginning to serve in Lynchburg, which then can spread to the neighboring towns.

Liberty students have the opportunity to serve throughout the many areas surrounding campus in Lynchburg. There is: downtown Lynchburg, Forest, Old City, Boonsboro, and Timberlake.

Liberty University students should have a class that allows them to serve outside the walls of the school. They can serve by cleaning up the community to make it a cleaner place for people to live in.

Students who serve in the community allow for relations between Liberty and the city to improve. Liberty students can grow relationships with people who live in the community that allow them to share the gospel with them down the road.

Students can do more community serve opportunities that help improve the lives of those who live outside the walls of Liberty University. They can serve by helping their physical and spiritual needs.


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