The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Marina Scherer

Spacial Experience:

Being in the Constans theater was a refreshing and nostalgic experience to me. From elementary to the beginning of high school, I was highly involved in various theater productions at school and at the Broward Center for Performing Arts. Needless to say, I love theater, and have very positive memories associated with it- so I was very excited going to see this play. I was seated in the upper-middle section in a relatively good seat with two of my good friends; I had no problems seeing at all which is always a positive (being a short person and all). When the lights dimmed I remember feeling excited about what was to come, having high expectations of the play that I was about to experience. I liked how the theater was relatively small because it presented a more personal and immersive experience to the audience. Relating to the Good Life, location plays an extremely important role. Location can determine how your life plays out and what opportunities arise to you. Sometimes it's hard to get out of your comfort zone and move to an unknown location, but if you never explore what life has to offer how will you achieve the Good Life? Personally, I came to the University of Florida by myself. None of my friends or family live anywhere near North Florida, so it was hard for me suddenly being completely alone. But as the months passed, being out of my comfort zone in a strange location has proved to be a great thing for me. I have made friends and experienced things that I would have never imagined.

Jazz, Juliana, and I getting ready to experience The Divine.

Social Experience:

I attended the performance with two of my good friends, Jazz and Juliana, as stated above. When I got there I found a few friends that I know from classes and other activities which was pretty cool. To get ready for the performance I looked up the play and what it was about to have a general idea of what I was going to see. I did my makeup and hair before the performance because usually when I go to plays it's in a pretty formal setting (like when seeing Broadway musicals). Being able to attend the performance with friends definitely made the experience more enjoyable because it gave me people to discuss the play with afterwards. Shared experiences are important to the Good Life because as humans we are made to be social. Living in solidarity can do so much as cause psychological problems, so being social and sharing experiences with others is a basic aspect of living the Good Life. Everything's better when experienced with good people.

My friends and I in the lobby of the Constans theater before the performance.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience:

The Divine takes place in Quebec City during the visit of Sarah Bernhardt in 1905. I think that the central issue of the story was the journey to a better life. The story is focused on Talbot, the intense main character who joins a seminary in hopes to provide a better life for him and his poverty stricken family. I didn't know a lot about the time period of the Industrial Revolution in Canada because i've never been a history person, but the play overall proved to be informative and intriguing. I think that the performance presented an interesting view on poverty and overcoming the "life set out for you". I think that the play, in one way or another can relate to everyone in their lives.

The Emotional Experience:

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us all an opportunity for katharsis by looking at our own lives. I think that by seeing the circumstances and troubles of the characters in the play, we can look at our own lives and reflect on what we can do to make them better. I personally liked the character Michaud a lot, as a person filled with optimism and dreams myself I could relate to him. I enjoyed how he pursued what he loved regardless of the outside circumstances prohibiting him to do so. I think that we should all be able to take something from the play to "come clean" about in our own lives, whether it be to pursue your dreams despite your life circumstances, to work hard to create a better life for yourself, or something completely different. Theater provides a unique experience to each individual, which is a cool thing to think about.

In the lobby, after the performance was over.

Overall, the performance presented an interesting and refreshing experience for me. I enjoyed attending with friends and thought that the play itself was very well performed. I hope to see more performances at the University of Florida in the future.

Leaving the theater once the play ended :(.

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