The Formation of the Rocky Mountians BY:BLAKE_HOLMES

If you live in Colorado or have heard of the Rocky Mountains you probably have wondered how they formed and what effect the Rocky Mountains had. The Rocky Mountains formed 70 to 40 million years ago when the Pacific plate and North American plate collided. This then caused a subduction zone which pushed the Pacific plate under the North American plate. When, the Pacific plate subducting under the North American it pushed up magma.When the magma solidified the Rocky Mountains were formed far inland. The Rocky Mountains were made by a subducting plate and had many affects on people,earths crust,and design.

How the Rocky Mountains formed,where else could this happen,and how does this build,destroy and change earth’s surface.The Rocky Mountains are where they are, because the subducting Pacific plate subducted into the Earth’s mantle at a much flatter angle than others,so when it subducted under the North American plate it went farther inland and then it continued to push magma up to the surface.Then at the surface the magma came out of volcanoes and solidified into what is now known as the Rocky Mountains.Where else on the world could we see this same formation happen?The Philippines plate is where this could happen next.Why, it could happen here is because it is right at a convergent boundary of the Pacific plate and Philippine plate,and a convergent boundary is where two plates meet and push together until one goes under or they form a mountain range.Also we could expect this because if one subducts under another it could form a mountain range just like the Rocky Mountains.Similarly, the forces inside the earth build,destroy, and change Earth’s crust by mountain formation.When convection currents inside the earth’s crust move the plates around and makes mountains or subduction zone it destroys the crust around that area.The other way is by smashing all the crust together,but the other is by scraping the top of the crust off.It builds it or changes it by making vast mountain ranges in its place.How the Rocky Mountains formed is one thing but how it affected the land was another.

This is a subduction zone, also it is very similar to the one that formed the Rocky Mountains.

The Rocky Mountains had many effects on earth’s surface and cycling materials through earth.First, the effects on earth’s surface is it changed erosion patterns, because there was a big mountain range and it can’t transport the same amount of materials over the Rocky Mountains.Then it changed the build up of eroded materials on other places.Also it once made a seaway stretched from the Gulf of Mexico to Alaska.Another thing it did was formed, the Rocky Mountain trench that is up to 3,000 feet deep.The Rocky Mountains also made the continental divide which splits the rainfall or snow melt between Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific ocean.The Rocky Mountains contribute to the continuous cycle of materials on earth in many ways.The first, way it contributes to the cycle is by the Pacific plate subducting under the North American plate.This is a contribution by pushing the Pacific plate into the mantle and cycling other materials up to the top.The other way was when it pushed up the magma from the mantle and putting it on the surface this is a contribution, because it is cycling the materials from the mantle to the surface.The Rocky Mountains didn’t only affect the Earth’s crust it affected the people in that area too.

The Rocky Mountains have affected the people in the area and communities,so scientist have made new inventions to help,and having scientific knowledge of this has helped inform personal decisions in the area.The Rocky Mountains affected the people in the area in many ways.First of all, all the mining in the area formed bigger communities and brought people to the mountains, although some of affect was good it was also bad and the affects were the people having to fight for land,made more jobs for more people,and made people and communities richer.Also, when Chinese came over to make the transcontinental railroad the left culture behind, and this affected people and communities by making more Chinese communities which then changed the amount of communities.Scientist have made a huge discovery which is satellite remote sensing and it helps reduce the impact of this event in many ways.One way is they know when two plates will collide so they can warn people.Also it can help to predict in the future if two plates will collide and when it will.The last one is they can track how fast the plates are moving and see how fast they need to prepare.Scientific knoledge of this event can help change the decisions of people and communities. The first,way is they improve building structure and urban planning this helps so buildings and neighborhoods don’t just crumble when it happens. Also, they make provisions of insurance to business and homes.So if the homes or businesses get ruined they can be rebuild or repare them. Lastly, the communities exercise disaster plans so they will be ready when it hits.

In summary, the rocky mountains have formed a tremendous mountain range. Since then it has had many effects on earth’s surface and on people along with communities, And they have adjusted and invented to reduce the impact of mountain formation.

  • Glossary
  • Subduction zone-the sideways and downward movement of the edge of a plate of the earth's crust into the mantle beneath another plate.
  • Magma-hot fluid or semifluid material below or within the earth's crust from which lava and other igneous rock is formed by cooling.
  • Solidified-make or become hard or solid
  • Pacific plate-the plate the Pacific ocean sits on
  • North American plate-the plate North America sits on
  • Mantle-the region of the earth's interior between the crust and the core, believed to consist of hot, dense silicate rocks

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