A Gallery of Artistic Projects

While the other presentations we've included in our portfolio show complete projects with all the work and steps involved, this presentation is a gallery of some of the products students have made. This presentation represents our on-going effort to incorporate art into the cuuriculum in meaningful and inventive ways.

Eight graders used to make tetrahedron kites as part of their study of symmetry in math class. Then Math and Spanish teachers teamed up to launch a new project: barrilete kites. They still had to study symmetry and still built kites, but the kites were modeled after the giant Guatamalan barriletes, with message of peace.

Eighth graders also studied tessellations in math class, and produced beautiful designs!

In biology, 10th graders learned about elements and researched and wrote reports about specific ones they studied. But rather than have students contnue to produce written element reports, their teacher looked for ways to make it more creative and artistic. Now our 10th graders design an element Superhero poster. They still have to share what they learned about the element, but much more creatively! Note: some students choose to include the information a separate sheet instead of on the poster, itself.

Seventh graders worked together to create a larger-than-life illustration of a passenger pigeon, using their math skills.

10th graders studied the protest art of Chile's apilleristas in Spanish class. Then they tried making their own to illustrate issues or events from Chile's history.

Seventh graders share their growing vocabulary by creating an illustrated alphabet as one of their first projects in Spanish class.

As a culmination of studying the science behind hot air balloons, eighth graders designed and made their own balloons. Craftsmanship and beauty mattered!

careful cutting and gluing followed experiments with prototypes
Then they assembled their ballons
They filled it with hot air and prepared to launch it

We'll end this gallery presentation on a high note!

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