China BY: Sydney Agius

While visiting China the Great Wall is a great place to visit. The Great Wall was built to keep nomadic tribes from intruding and entering China. It is made up of many separate walls and fortifications. It stretches approximately 13,170 miles. The Great Wall spans across mountains, deserts, grasslands, and plateaus. Emporer Qin Shi Haung built the famous wall from 220-206 BCE. The construction of the Great Wall went on for many years. Certain sections have been rebuilt and reconstructed during the rein of many different emperors.

If you or a family member is visiting China, the Leshan Giant Buddha is a great place to visit. It is the largest stone Buddha icon and is 71 meters tall. The Leshan Giant Buddha was carved in the 8th century CE and took a total of 90 years to build. It was carved on Xijuo Peak overlooking the junction of three rivers. The project was initiated by a monk named Hai Tong.

The Great Hall of the People is one of China's main tourists attractions. While you are there you will see one of the largest hall structures in the world. The Great Hall of the People lies in Beijing, west of Tian'anmen square. It is used by the People's Republic of China and the Communist Party of China to hold political meetings. It was built in a total of 10 months and opened in 1959.

The Zheng He Memorial Shipyard is a main tourists attraction in Nanjiang, China. Most of the ships for his voyages were buily in Nanjiang. This memorial shipyard was built on the bank of the Yangtze River to honor Zheng He. Zheng He was a Chinese explorer, mariner, and diplomat. Many naval expiditions were commanded by him. His voyages have become well known in China. During Zheng He's lifetime he lead seven treasure fleets. Chinese artifacts have been found in the ocean marking his trade routes.


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