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3/7/17 Question: What forces work for or against supranational cooperation among nations?

Answer: Centripetal forces work for a supranational cooperation among nations. A common market works for cooperation. In a common market, all nations can trade free of tariffs (taxes on goods that cross borders). They all have the same currency, in Europe's case, the Euro. Trade will create peace between countries as well. Another example of a centripetal force is increased travel. With increased travel, citizens can start to see and think of Europe as one country that is united. They can also experience different culture in their Union. Due to increased travel and common markets, centripetal forces work toward supranational cooperation.

This is a photograph of the EU flag. It represents one united nation.

2/7/17 Question: What do you think the most effective style of government is and why?

Answer: The most effective style of government is Representative Government. If you vote for people to represent your state in the government, they are knowledgable to vote and make laws. When all citizens in the country vote to make laws, they do not necessarily know what they are talking about. They could make a random choice on the matter based on what others have said or what their friend told them to do but the representatives have most likely studied this matter, and worked with something like this before. They know what they are doing and citizens still will not feel as if they are living in a dictatorship government type because they voted for the representatives in the first place. If there are people to represent the states, then making laws can get passed quicker. The representatives will know what they are doing. Unlike in a direct democracy, very few people need to vote and because of this, you do not need to wait for everyone to vote and do research on the matter, the representatives can quickly vote and still know enough about the topic, to make a well-thought out decision. Representatives know what they are doing and laws and decisions can get made quicker, a representative government is the best type of government to have for society. It is more efficient and reliable than most styles of government

This is a picture of representatives voting on laws.

Question: What Makes a Good Citizen?

Answer: A good citizen is someone who follows the responsibilities and takes advantage of the rights that they have as a citizen such as voting, staying informed, petitioning when they feel as if they should, following the laws and paying taxes. For example, a right that people have as an American citizen is the freedom of speech-this means that they can say whatever they want. Technically, an American citizen could go up in front of a school and start yelling many swear words, but then the school could kick the person swearing out of the school. People own themselves and the other citizens around them need to respect that; some stranger can not go up to someone else and make them buy them a cup of coffee. A good citizen is also someone who is kind, generous and shows respect to the other people in his or her community.

This is the Untided States Constitution. It relates to Citizenship because it kind of says what it means to be a good citizen.


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