comm 3020: narrative reporting final By Eric Franklin

Humans of Summerville

- Shakierra Riggs, 5th year Senior, Middle Grades Education Major

Jan. 27, 2017 - “After discovering Chemistry wasn’t for me, I decided to change my major last year to Middle Grades Education. I plan on teaching math to 7th graders. This semester is gonna be a tough one due to me working full time and doing 100 hours of work study at Riverside Middle School, but I’m ready for it! My true passion is teaching and I can’t wait to graduate so I can begin my career doing what I love.”

cinema series: double feature

Maxwell Performing Arts Theatre - Augusta Univeristy

Mar. 15, 2017 - The Cinema Series returned to Augusta University on Friday, March 3rd with a double feature. The two films shown were “The Straight Story” and “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me,” both directed by David Lynch.

“Twin Peaks” showed at 9 p.m. at the Maxwell Performing Arts Theater with an audience of around 30 students. The film revolves around the investigation into Teresa Banks’ murder and the last seven days in the life of Laura Palmer, a high school student in the fictional town of Twin Peaks. The film received mixed reviews from many students.

Sophomore Emmanuel Bing said “I actually liked the film. Some things didn’t really make sense to me, but overall it was really good.” On the opposite spectrum, Ceara Hester said “It wasn’t really something I was into. I watched the first film that was shown, and I liked that one a whole lot more.”

Critically, “Twin Peaks” also wasn’t received well either. It was shown at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival with booing from the audience and received negative reviews in the United States. However, the film has been received positively over the past few years.

Personally, I felt the film to be interesting and so did senior Shannon Cartledge. She said “I’m a movie enthusiast, so I love any type of films and I’m glad I saw this to add to my movie knowledge.”

Overall, The Cinema Series went well and students seemed to have fun watching and socializing with one another. You can follow The Cinema Series’ Facebook page to find out when the next film will be showing.

Profile Story: Catching Up With Shay

Apr. 11, 2017 - In January, Shakeirra Riggs, a Middle Grades Education major, was about to start her work study at a middle school while also being a full time student and full time worker.

Her work study was taking place at Riverside Middle School in Evans. She had to complete 100 hours and she clocked in at 101.6 hours, “I actually taught the class [myself] for three days and it was interesting.” she said. It was her first time ever having to teach alone.

This semester was her first as a middle grades education major after switching from chemistry and she does not regret it. She cites her chemistry teacher as her biggest influence in changing her major, she said “My chemistry teacher was the reason why I wanted to go to school to pursue a chemistry degree, so why not go back and teach somebody to make them want to do that?”

Her biggest fear in January was not being able to balance working full time, doing 100 hours of work study and being a full time student. “I struggled at first trying to balance everything,” she said “It took me the first week of my five weeks to get a routine.” When asked about her social life, she said it really did not affect her. She hung out with friends and family on the weekends.

Her next step is completing her final year of school and graduating Spring 2018. Before the end of the semester, she will be assigned a school where she’ll be teaching at during next spring semester. “I won’t be taking classes and stressing and I’m just excited to see what school I’ll be at.”

is there really a safe place?

Students protesting the bill. (John Roark/Athens Banner-Herald via AP)

May 8, 2017 - Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 280 on Thursday May 4th. This bill allows gun license holders over the age of 21 to carry firearms in specific areas on college campuses.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

Last year, House Bill 859 aimed to allow the same as House Bill 280, but was vetoed due to Deal's concerns regarding the prohibition of guns in sensitive places including campus preschools and administrative offices. Unlike last year, House Bill 280 was overwhelmingly passed.

News of this sent shock waves throughout college campuses across the state, with many holding protests. Here on our campus, many students and faculty held many different opinions.

Breanna Bennett, Sophomore, Psychology Major

Recent transfer student Breanna Bennett disagreed with the decision, calling it "absurd." She said "I don't feel safe anymore knowing that anyone can be carrying a weapon without me knowing." This was one of the main concerns among students. AU alumni Dominique Striker felt the same way.

Dominique Striker, GRU Class of 2014, Marketing Major

Speaking with Dominique, she felt that she would never feel safe, she says "I feel like if you are on campus with people carrying firearms then you should know who those people are."

That brings up a point: How would you know who's carrying firearms? Would the school tell the students and faculty who's carrying, or will just the faculty know? Will they have to wear their firearm on them so that people will know? Education major Sydney Evatt said that she would like to either see people carrying or have them wear something to distinguish themselves from everyone else.

She also agreed to the bill, saying that "I feel more safe now that I can carry something on me when I'm getting out of class late at night." She emphasized the fact that some students get out of class later at night and when the parking lots are pretty much empty, you feel more vulnerable to attacks.

Professor Rick Pukis - Augusta University

Professor Rick Pukis knew about the House Bill 280, but didn't know too much on it to give an opinion. "Without seeing the details of the bill, I'm still a little hesitant to give a full opinion on it." But he did believe that it would impact others saying "I think it will impact some faculty members. I think it might put a sense of fear into some faculty members if they know a student is carrying a firearm."

This bill has everyone talking about the safety of college campuses and with good reason. Allowing firearms to be carried on campus by students would be a huge change. Only time will be able to tell if this change will really create safer campuses.

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