Sudan's History Exhibit One

The Civil War

There was a war between Sudan's army and The Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA)

The SPLA was the unofficial Army of South Sudan until 2005. Before that, they started a 30 year was against the Sudan governement.

The fighting was over resources such as oil which was rich in South Sudan, the role of religion because of the difference between Christianity and Islam, and independence.

It was fought between 1983-2005

Over 2,000,000 people died

It was a conflict between The Sundanese Army and The Sudan People's Liberation Army

The United States Supported South Sudan (Aka The Sudan People's Liberation Army) because they thought Sudan was second to Iran in international terrorism at the time

Government Vs. The People

In February 2003, two rebel groups in Sudan launched a full scale rebellion against the government

The Sudanese responded by enlisting the help of some of the nomadic tribes in Darfur (A city in Sudan)

With help from the Government, these militias formed and called themselves the Janjaweed

The government began havoc which lead to the death of almost 300,000 and the displacement of about 4 million

The Creation of South Sudan

South Sudan Declared Independence on July 9, 2005

South Sudan passed a referendum with 98.37% of the vote to make them independent

The country has suffered lots of ethnic violence and has been in a civil war, after they split from Sudan.

The civil war ended recently in 2013

The Abyei area is a piece of land that is trapped in between Sudan and South Sudan

There is no government, legal justice system, or police force

How this caused Immigration

The people had to leave their country because of all the people the government was killing during the war.

Over 4 million people were displaced in total, and they go to neighboring countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda

The Australian government has been active in taking in refugees from Sudan. Between 1997 and 2007 newly arrived immigrants increased 34%

The End

By: Bobby Wiesenhahn and Chris Alallam

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