Gold Fever By- Ishdeep, Monserrat, Damian

Gold is a very important part of California's history. The first piece of gold was found in Coloma, California. Ever since then people rushed to also receive a piece of this wealth. We would like to create a piece of public artwork that is dedicated to the importance of gold in California's population. It will be located in Coloma, California the original place gold was found. We are hoping to bring together the young and motived pioneers of the past together.


We designed these sketches together. How we came up with them is because we wanted to do something that represented gold. So we came up with the gold fever. It has a cart full of gold and a gold mining entrance.

Cost $

If we wanted to build our project it would cost $2,780. The wood would cost $29.70 The mincart would cost $210. The boulder would cost $2,000. The rail road would cost $300. The gold paint would cost $50. And the pebbles would cost $200. So overall all together it would cost $2,780.


Final Sketch

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