Selena Quintanilla

Selena Quintanilla was born April 16,1971 in Lake Jackson, Texas.

When Selena was younger her father introduced music to her & her siblings. They owned a restaurant,There they performed. Selena and her siblings would also do small gigs at fairs.

The young star's career took off. When they had to move from their home,they moved with other family and really started working on her career.

They started a band called ,Selena Y Los Dinos. She meet her husband ,Chris Perez ,which was her lead guitarist ,because of the band.

On tour the young couple fell in love ,but Selena's father didn't approve of it. Chris was kicked out of the band for recking a hotel room with his friends. Selena was furious with him. They secretly continued to see each other. One day they had enough of trying to sneak around ,so they ran away and got married.

They came back home and her father was upset but He had to accept the fact that they were truly in love.

Selena's Career kept inclining ,she had concerts in Mexico, Texas,and South America.

Selena opened up a boutique & salon ,she always liked fashion and she designed a lot of her outfits for concerts.

Yolanda Saldivar was Selena's Fan Club President. Also helped run the salon and boutique.

On March 31,1995 Saldivar shot and killed Selena. She claimed it was an accident and that she loved Selena.

Everyone mourned the lost of an Amazing person.

March 21, 1997 Telemundo came out with a movie ,telling the story of a great star.

Recently the had a celebration where they unveiled a Wax statue of her.

Selena will always be known as the queen of Tejano music and brighten peoples day with her music.

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