Sutton Hoo An unusual discovery

Yesterday, one of the most amazing treasures was found. For years that has been a mound the size of 15 men on Edith Pretty's farmland. When dug up, that mound proved to be an Anglo Saxon long boat, unseen for a thousand years. This discovery is off worldwide importance.

It all started when Edith Pretty, who is the owner of the field, had an unusual dream about her land. She dreamt the biggest mound on the farm had ghosts standing protecting it and that under the mound was ancient treasure.

Edith was quite wealthy so Mrs Pretty decided to hire someone to come and dig up all of the mounds. After about a year Basil Brown, the digger of the mounds, found some awesome history in the form of jewellery, weapons and the boat itself.

This was an HUGE discovery - a big part of a history. There was a person buried in the ship but no one knows who he was. Historians think he may have been an Anglo Saxon leader or he could be a man that everyone knew and was very friendly. He was buried with a sword and a helmet beside him and a shield. This suggests he was a warrior who was well respected and wealthy.

Because Edith Pretty is already quite wealthy, she doesn't want any money for the treasure. She is to give it away to some different museums for free so that the public can see it. That is the story of an amazing Anglo Saxon discovery !

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