5A4 The White House By:Isabelle Carney/ Mrs.Daniher

History of The White House

In 1789-1797 George Washington served as president. Also, in 1814 the British set the president's house on fire. In 1817 James Monroe moved into the presidents house. In 1902 Theodore Roosevelt began major renovation of the white house. Last in January,20,2017 Donald Trump became president.

Chocolate Shop

The chocolate is located on the ground floor on the White house. The shop hasn't changes since the 19th century.

This is one of the cool desserts they have made

Basketball Court

The basketball is located in the South lawn. George Bush installed it in 1991.

Bowling Alley

The bowling is located on the ground floor. The bowling lanes were first built in the ground floor of the west wing as a birthday gift for president Truman.

Fun Facts

  • The cubs celebrated there win at the white house
  • The musical Hamilton performed at the White House
  • The west wing was only supposed to be temporary
  • There are 132 rooms. 32 bathrooms and 6 levels
  • it wasn't actually called the White House
  • George Washington never actually lived there


  • www.whitehouse.gov
  • www.whitehousemusem.org
  • www.googleimages.com

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