Jacques Cartiers 1491 - 1541

About Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier was from ST. Malo France and was born in 1491 and died in 1541. Cartier voyage was from April 20, 1534 to September 5, 1534. cartier purpose of exploration was to go to the gulf of canada and saide France was there first . Cartier obstacles was that sailors caught diseases. Cartier did not interaction with Native Americans. Cartier accomplishment was that he sailed 1,000 miles along the st. Lawrence in Canada. Cartier found Canada. He named canada.

His traits

Jacques Cartier is brave and kind because In his first voyage he did not want to go to the golf of Canada and say the French was first but he did it anyway so that is how he is kind and brave on his first voyage. On his second voyage he is kind and brave because he dug for gold and did not stop even know you wanted to. He was brave and kind on his third voyage because he wanted to go back but he did not and keeped going.

From A diffent perspecive

I am a native and I did not like it when Cartire and his crew came and invad are space. There sleed in are space. they ate are food . last there wolud not tack to us.


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