NATIVE AMERICAN MOVEMENT By: wilbert hernandez

In the United states there have been many social changes that have occurred. The Native American movement was one of the most important and oppressed movements that has happen in the U.S. The discrimination of the Native Americans in the U.S has been going on since British colonists stepped foot on American soil. From the birth of the U.S. the government began discriminating the Native Americans in efforts to obtain more land. Many of the events that involving discrimination toward the Native Americans was the Treaty of New York, Indian Removal Act, Trail of Tear, Sand Creek Massacre, and Wounded Knee Massacre. One of the many leaders of the Native Americans was Geronimo. He was a great leader that led his Chiricahua Apache tribe against the U.S and one of the last Native American Warriors to surrender to the U.S. The Native American movement is very important and unacceptable because these people have been ignored and looked down upon in this society and it will no longer be tolerated. As a result of the movement, the Native Americans established American Indian Movement, which helped them gain a citizenship under the Wheeler-Howard Act. They also gained the right to practice their religion freely in the U.S.. Although the movement has made steps forward , however, even though the Native Americans gained their freedom in America today many live in extreme poverty.

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