Camera Disassembly Science Period 4


This is the case. The case prevents sunlight and other sources of light from getting to the camera. Also this protects the inner pieces from being damaged.


This is the shutter. The shutter opens and closes between the lens, also it controls how long the film is exposed to light.


The lens is in the bottom half of the camera casing. This is a curved piece of glass. This redirects beams of light to make the image look like the real surface.


This is the film. It is the part that the images are recorded onto. It works by having the light reflect off the surface onto the film.


This is the flash circuit. This provides more light to the surface so that it can be reflected back to the camera.


This is the gas discharge tube. This part redirects the flash light forward. This works by moving electrons. As they move they energize xenon atoms causing them to make light.

Thank you for watching and this concludes the parts of a camera.

By: Tobey Switzer

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Tobey Switzer

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