Rose supposes with Lily too

And Lily:

Today's blog is about ...
Lily! You're making our blog a mess. Look how you made me write the "e" in Katharine. Here's a nice pen for you to use instead of your red one.
I'm glad. Now wait your turn to write and not so big. As I was saying before I was red-pen interrupted, our blog today is about Katharine Hepburn.
Lily, she's one of the greatest actresses from the 1930s so we have to tell our readers about her. And explain the calla lilies from God's Sparrows.
😍 😍 😍 Cary Grant! 😍 😍 😍
But the readers will want to know about the speech.
No, he's in Katharine Hepburn movies. In the 1930s women were bigger stars than the men. The women also wrote, directed, and produced the movies.
When you're the boss and figure out how to spend the money or whom to hire and whom to fire. You'll like her, Lily, because she's famous for her fashion sense. She wore pants when women mostly didn't wear them.
Okay. Now about the calla lily movie when Katherine Hepburn recites the calla lily speech--
is Stage Door, which is about actresses living together in a house.
I X'd out Katharine Hepburn with my red pen!
You mean, screwball comedy.
It's not a big word--it's a perfect word. A screwball comedy is a movie where zany, silly things happen and people say funny things superfast.
But some of the best screwball comedies have Katharine Hepburn in them--and Cary Grant. Like Bringing Up Baby. In it, Susan, that's Katherine Hepburn, takes Cary Grant's car. He's David in the movie.
David--Cary Grant--is driving on the side of his car. It was called a running board.
David is a paleontologist and a package arrives with a dinosaur bone, the interclavicle bone. It is the only piece missing from his brontosaurs dinosaur skeleton and it completes the skeleton he's been working on for years.
But Susan's dog buries the bone.
But Susan spends the rest of the movie helping David find the bone, and a leopard.
My red pen can do wicked things!


Katharine Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby