Victoria Barham WRTG 3305: fInal portfolio

Personal Logo Reflection: This logo is an example of contrast, which is created by using differing colors, fonts, and images. The shades of blue and grey contrast with the image and the background because of how different they are from one another. The purpose of this project was to create a personal logo to include in a resume.
Resume Redesign Reflection: These redesigned resumes present examples of alignment. For the resume to appear professional, each section had to be aligned in an organized way. The purpose of this project was to create two new resumes that would capture the attention of employers for two different job positions.
Infographic Reflection: This infographic presents an example of repetition, as is evident by the repeated colors, graphs, and fonts. The repetition connects every part of the document, causing it to flow smoothly. The purpose of this infographic is to inform people about how levels of education can correlate with future happiness and to encourage them to pursue higher levels of education themselves.
Conclusion: Through the process of creating each of these documents, I have learned the importance of contrast, repetition, and alignment in design. If there is no contrast, then the document is chaotic and confusing. Repetition and contrast work together in creating clearly organized documents. I have discovered that all of these design elements together help to form professional resumes, infographics, and logos.


Created with images by Gellinger - "book read old" • Unsplash - "typewriter book notebook" • JimileeK - "journal, coffee, pen" • NitishK. - "DSCF1979" • jill111 - "stack of books vintage books book"

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