Generation NY Nanyang Girls' High School Newsletter (2017 Issue 3)

Ubin Day 2017

The school was invited by NParks to present posters for Ubin Day 2017, held on 16th July at Pulau Ubin. Three groups of students, from the Student Council, Green Club and the Extended Classroom Programme – Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, presented these posters to Guest of Honour Mr Ng Chee Meng, Minister for Education (Schools) and Second Minister for Transport, and host Mr Desmond Lee, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs & National Development.

Partnering with Nparks for a better environment
…collective knowledge, shared

NY100 Heartbeats

Launched in October 2016, NY100 Heartbeats offered structure, advice and funding to encourage and support students, staff and alumna of NYGH to take the lead in organising ground-up initiatives to engage its community and/or celebrate its heritage. It was open to individuals or groups seeking to develop small to moderately-sized ideas, events or activities.

Its goals were to celebrate the milestone 100th Anniversary in a manner that recognized its significance and highlighted achievements of the past. Project participants were encouraged to consider having community engagement and heritage as two pillars to design and implement their projects.

Response was fantastic, with 291 different project owners voluntarily implementing 76 project ideas by the end of August 2017. On their own time, they brainstormed for great ideas for betterment of the school environment, put together activities in service of others and held events which celebrated camaraderie and sorority. Many of the project owners gave feedback that NY100 Heartbeats allowed them to contribute to Nanyang’s rich history and promising future, by being able to exercise greater personal ownership and meaning in crafting their very own celebrations.

Featured are some of the 76 projects:

A music video of one of the songs in NY100 Sing
Cupcakes as morale-boosters for teachers, baked by students
A mural painted in the Student Activities Centre
今年南洋庆祝建校一百周年,学校有今天的辉煌成就,不能忘记老师们百年来的辛苦教导 和栽培。我觉得庆祝学校校庆,也是肯定老师的成绩。摄影是我的嗜好,所以我想出一个 主意,拍一百张老师的人像照,拼成一棵树,做一张象征“百年树人”的海报。这次经验 收获很大,因为在百忙之中,我和许多不同部门的老师很少有机会接触,在跟他们眼对眼 拍照的过程中,看到了老师们独有的一面, 过程显得特别亲切,通过照片也展现了各位老 师们神采。


NY100 Film 南洋百年校庆电影《兰蕙百年》

The anniversary film titled Once Upon a Generation, was produced by NSAA and jointly presented by the Nanyang Family of Schools The planning for the Nanyang 100th Anniversary celebration started in 2015. The Board of Directors, the Nanyang Schools Alumni Association (NSAA) and members of the three Nanyang schools worked closely with the common goal of making this special year a memorable one for all. With the intent of reaching out to as many alumni and stakeholders as possible, it was decided that producing a film depicting the story of the Nanyang Family of Schools was a good idea. NSAA thus decided to finance and take the lead in the production of the film, with an entire cast comprising students, staff, alumni and parents of the three Nanyang schools. Auditions for actors and actresses started in October 2016 and filming was completed in the first quarter of 2017. Many alumni, students and staff also contributed to the production work. This production not only served to bring members of the Nanyang Family together, but also gave many an opportunity to discover their talents.



Immersed in their roles, two members of the cast create a special moment
这次参加百年校庆的演出对我来说是一个独特、难忘而且意义非凡的经历。参演这部 《兰蕙百年》,作为一个刚加入南洋大家庭的老师来说,意义不仅在于在电影中扮演 一个角色,更在于了解校史,认识南洋。为了让自己能演好“王老师”的角色,我做 了不少功课,研读剧本,向导演请教,学习了好几个范例。在自己的琢磨中。走进80 年代的南中,去聆听那个时代的声音。最后,我想给自己打个分,因为是第一次演戏 ,或许演技只有六分,但是诚意十分,毕竟,这是我能为百年校庆做的最特别的贡献。 (朱海滨老师)

(306 颜斌斌)

我一直以来都喜欢演戏,得到了这个机会后,我十分高兴。拍电影不容易,导演、摄影师、演员都非常友善。一开始我认为他们很凶,特别是曾听过那些严肃导演的故事,但在拍电影的时候,我发现他们全部都很有耐心,我们有问题的时候,他们会立即上前帮助我们。因为拍电影,我交了很多新的朋友,也学了不少。我非常感激能有机会参演 “兰蕙百年” 这部电影,我永远不会忘记这次经历。希望大家都喜欢这部电影!


Hair Catchers

Hair Catchers was a project by a group of 6 girls, trying to spread hope with what we have on us--hair! Our events included fundraising, talks and a hair donation drive in school. As Nanyang was turning 100, we hoped to celebrate this by cutting our hair to celebrate our heritage and to serve a good cause, manufacturing wigs for cancer patients. It was a beautiful and heartwarming event, seeing the Nanyang community sacrifice a little to give back to our community. We hope that this can inspire our schoolmates and let them know that they can make a difference in another’s life too.

I truly learnt a lot while doing this project, overcoming difficulties and enjoying the sweetness of success with my Organising team. I'm very grateful to have worked on this project with them from scratch, it's my very first time planning such an event! I was touched to see my schoolmates’ love for the community. We are the next generation and I hope we will be one with compassion. - Leena Gan (S312)
I find it amazing that such a simple project garnered so much support from our school. Initially, we were concerned about the feedback we would receive from the school on the hair donation, especially since 9 inches seemed quite demanding. However, we managed to get 100 hair donors, and most donated more than the minimum amount! To me, this is the Nanyang spirit and I'm very happy to see that we work together to make someone else's day. - Zhou Min Yuan (S407)
The most meaningful part of the project was seeing different members of the school community help out for a good cause. It was really touching to see that so many of our schoolmates and teachers were willing to contribute, whether to donate money to fund the manufacturing of the wigs, or as hair donors and volunteers for the donation drive. Clearly, if we come together, we can make a great impact. - Sarah Lim (S414)
I hoped to show the school that everyone can do their part, in various ways such as donating locks of hair or pocket money, or volunteering or watching the event, with their cheers and support. It's incredible—what we can do and who we can help as a school. Looking forward to more avenues for Nanyang to contribute to the community as a school! - Rachel Tey (S414)





Interdisciplinary Studies for Lower Secondary

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS), introduced to the Secondary One students in 2016, is part of a new concept-based curriculum has aims to create opportunities for students to:

•develop a meaningful understanding of complex associations and influences within specific concepts;

• make decisions, think critically and creatively as well as synthesize knowledge beyond the disciplines;

• identify, assess and transfer significant information needed for solving novel problems; and

• embrace cooperative learning and a better attitude towards oneself as a learner and a meaningful member of a community.

Now a year on, both the Secondary One and Two students underwent their six weeks of IDS over terms 2 and 3, anchored in the concept of ‘Sustainability’ with Secondary One focusing on Sustainable Living and Secondary Two focusing on Sustainable Community. The six weeks culminated in an Exposition on 21 July 2017 that showcased their ideas and products. Secondary One students presented their idea of what Nanyang Girls’ High School would look like in 2030 when it relocates to a new site when the lease of the current site expires. Their ideas incorporated what they had learned from their Garden to Table and The Built Environment interdisciplinary units and they had to ensure that these ideas would be sustainable in the long run.

The Secondary Two Exposition took the form of a Startup Fair that allowed startups with innovative ideas to exhibit their prototypes with a view to attracting investments. This Startup Fair focused on innovations to improve the lives of a target group of people in society in the four areas of Mobility, Health, Entertainment and Environment.

Feedback from students and parents has been positive.

“I applaud the initiatives taken by NYGH to embark on a new educational journey for our young generations of students. A well-rounded curriculum that encourages independent learning, innovative thinking and confidence in public speaking, with equal emphasis on academic excellency will prepare our young generation well in facing tough global competitions. I sincerely believe that your efforts will bear fruit in the near future and beyond.” – a parent commented
“IDS provided a wonderful opportunity for me to engage the world outside the classroom and it is very meaningful.” - a student reflected

The Connected Classroom (TCC) – Out of Eden Learn

Christine Choo of S311 looks back on the last 3 years.

Three years of walking on this Out Of Eden Learning journey with my TCC mates, teachers, Paul Salopek and my walking partners have been wonderfully enriching, greatly inspiring, and amazingly wonderful. When we were informed that our class had the opportunity to contribute to a video about OOEL, I was thrilled as this meant I had a platform to discuss and share my insights from this journey, as well as contribute back to the learning community for the invaluable insights it has given me. Of course, I had my own concerns about this project, like if my ideas and potential contributions were really up to standard. However, I was pleasantly surprised and warmed to realise, when the two OOEL contributors Sheya and Emi came to our school to help us with the video, that the embracing environment of the online platform had settled itself nicely in our school — all opinions mattered and were welcome.
What I loved most about this amazing journey was how the interactions between students of TCC and of Beaverton, Indonesia, New York City and other schools were so pure. This platform was a respite, as much as it was a learning journey, from the real world, in a way that everyone appreciated differences in opinions and embraced opportunities to learn from each other. We discussed prevalent issues such as migration, and it was from here more than anywhere else that I felt a deep-rooted desire to learn more about the issue and contribute, in any way that I can, to making the world a better place for all.
Maybe it was the carefully curated materials provided at each footstep taken, or maybe it was how I had the chance to reflect as much as I learnt, or perhaps it was just how personal the interactions were between students of different cultures that made me feel so deeply about the whole experience.
It has been three years since we started, but for us TCC students, the journey won't end anytime soon — we'll safely pocket the insights and experiences from every aspect of OOEL, and carry them like gems with us wherever we go.

Philo-Bytes @ NYGH 2017: Inter-school Dialogues

Philo-Bytes are dialogue sessions planned and organised by the students in the Secondary 3 Philosophical Inquiry Student-Initiated Assignment (PI-SIA) programme. These take place during recess breaks during which Philo-Bytes students, teachers and staff meet to discuss issues of philosophical interest on topics that reflect the breadth of NYGH students’ intellectual interests.

Throughout the year, the PI-SIA students work with teacher mentors from Nanyang Girls’ High School’s Philosophy Unit to improve their reasoning, conversation and facilitation skills. In many ways, Philo-Bytes @ NYGH: Inter-school Dialogues marks the culmination of our PI-SIA students’ learning. This year’s topics ranged from ‘The Death Penalty vs Life Imprisonment’, ‘Saviour Siblings’ and ‘Sexism’ to ‘It’s A Rich Man’s World’.

World Scholar’s Cup 2017

World Scholar’s Cup is an exciting annual opportunity for students to pitch their debating skills on an international platform. Every year, the teams from schools and colleges around the world get stronger and continue to provide our students challenges which sharpen the mind and which also engage them in sharing and presenting perspectives.

In July, the World Scholar's Cup celebrated its 10th anniversary, and the school is honoured that Nanyang has played a significant role in the journey this past decade.

Junior Runner-up Team

Odyssey of the Mind 2017 Results World Finals (U.S.A.)

Odyssey of the Mind champions creative solutions to real problems. This international programme allows students opportunity to create devices and present their interpretations and perspectives in their own colourful ways. Our students learn to manage obstacles in the completing the tasks and to navigate the challenges of teamwork. Altogether, they grow in self-confidence.

一枚胸针 一份南洋情

小小的胸针,浓浓的情意。值南洋建校100周年庆贺之际,南中校友胡玉莉女士为学校百年校庆特别设计了一枚首饰胸针,该胸针设计造型精美又不失简约,风格华丽又不失典雅,配合校庆“兰蕙百年”的主题, 表现出清纯素雅之美。胡女士在2014年的南洋校庆博览会以及2016年的义卖会中就为学校设计并售卖首饰筹款,这一次,她再次将这份精美的首饰作为礼物献给母校百年诞辰,凝聚了她对南洋的一片感恩、惜恩之情,传达出回馈母校的情意,更体现了对南洋百年成就的赞美,在胸针的闪耀中祝愿南洋精神永发光!

Alumni Games 2017 – Building Bonds

The most incredible thing about sport is its ability to unite and empower. Teammates become family and the court becomes home. It is this very sense of belonging that the Alumni Games Organizing Team tapped into, as we took on the ambitious mission of reuniting seniors, from beyond the immediate batches, with the game that dominated their teenage life.

Around 65 alumni across 3 sports—Basketball, Netball and Badminton, stormed the Indoor sports hall on the Sunday leading up to Founder's day for a day of sparring and play with their juniors. Although the court was different, the passion and chemistry between long-separated teammates remained. It was an extremely fulfilling experience for all parties involved – from juniors who were inspired by the close ties our seniors managed to keep, despite the fact that most went on separate routes after JC, to the seniors who took the court once more in their beloved alma mater.

The success of the alumni games is a testament to the strong bonds that sport builds between the individual and school and to how one's love for a sport and teammates can transcend beyond the four walls of a school.

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