3080 pages of amy

It is the year 3080, society and everything around it has crashed, and everyone’s worst nightmare has become a reality. The worst part is no one actually knows that there is something wrong. Love isn’t a factor in the year 3080 and has not been for years, human reproduction is done through the Stem Cell Reproduction System. The society is very secured and monitored due to the nuclear war that happened back in 2070. The united states is the only country who survived the world wide nuclear war because they also were the ones to start the war. Ahead of time in 2040 they started building a new country up in space which was finished in 2069 just one year before the nuclear war in 2070 which only lasted for one year because the world was “destroyed” so quick due to nuclear reasons. The “Country In The Sky” is actually the size of Spokane Washington 60.02mi2 which isn’t nearly enough room for 9.7 billion people but, after the war there was only 210,721 people left in the US and with the right population control the “Country In The Sky” will never be over populated.
Everything here in The Country In The Sky is very efficient and non-breakable due to not having that many resources, I guess that is a good thing in some way but that the same time that means there will be no change. I wish sometimes I lived in a different world because its boring how everything is the same, and i believe I am the only one who thinks that out the 210,721 people on this ship with me. some times i wonder why people think the inside is so beautiful with the gold trimming, the advanced bartenders, and the fountains in the courtyards. I would much rather see the natural non-man made things, i am the only one not in love with the Country in The Sky and that might be why i am so different. but maybe that not a bad thing either. December 18, 3080.
I have just finished nursing school and working in the D-wing as Neonatal nurse. I honestly love my job because living on this ship is boring and i wish i knew what life was before the war that ruined life on a planet .My job is different than i thought though, i do not get to play and take care of babies, they’re more of projects to my authorities than lives. I am strictly only there to do what they say and when they say it. i guess i just thought it would be a little more lenient than it is. The doctors are very secretive too they always stop talking when i come in the room so I always try to be quite to see if they will ever just continue to talk so i can actually know something that goes on around here. i wonder if everything is okay or if there is something wrong sometimes. But you know they're always right on me to make sure I am doing my job right and perfectly 24/7. February 16 3081.
I have officially realized i am very different than anyone around me. I do not listen to our rules with how we have to stay selfless, and kind were not aloud think about our own wants and needs. We have to be self obtained, no one should have to be there for you, being alone is supposed to be normal here. How am i supposed to be okay with being alone, i just want somebody but i have to keep that to myself or else ill be outcast-ed. being an outcast means to no longer be allowed to be on the ship. they let you go, into the unknown. Into the galaxy's and stars but who else knows what else. April 2, 3081.
I am curious of the feeling i have had in my stomach for the past 4 months i feel like somethings flying in there like little butterflies and its only when I am around the new nurse. This feeling has brought many questions to myself that I know will never be answered by anyone else but myself due to it being wrong. I think this might be love, but love is forbidden here but yet they still tell us about it. My head is full of thoughts that no one can ever know about all i do it lay and stare at my lights in my room thinking about the what ifs and what will happen in the end. The not knowing is the part that makes me think the most. June 14, 3081.
The only place i feel at peace is in the viewing room, it is the only place where there isn't restrictions because you can see the outside, the galaxy's and the stars. But now everything is different we are running out of oxygen here and that is never supposed to happen there is no way of fixing it either they say were are going to have to back down the earth and try to rehabilitate. The space ship is starting to fail on its own and things are escalating quickly. I am scared but at the same time i think i will find peace if we can live on earth again, there will be more freedom. To love, and to be you. July 25, 3081.
Caleb is the Neonatal nurse along with me so we used to get to spend all day together preparing for the next batch of stem cell productions and taking care of the ones already here. In order to keep the population just right on track very few babies are born because many people have to die before. But now things are different because we are too busy dealing with trying to make ports to keep the new babies alive while we go to earth very soon. our spaceship is about the completely fail and all nerves are at high. I am now more excited than ever i feel like i will survive and be able to live the life i am meant to live. i feel like my future with Caleb awaits for me very soon. August 24, 3080.
Our spaceship exploded moments after the shuttles left with almost everyone on it, the evacuation did not go as planned. Many lost their lives, some where our new cell stem babies. Things have really opened in my eyes and i am very aware of how things really can change at any moment in any world and that changes do happen even when you thought it was impossible and that your fate can be unimaginable. November 25, 3081.
Life on earth is different but i am in love. the colors are the best part and the next is the feeling you get from the air in your lungs and the sun on your skin, living on earth was my fate, not the country in the sky. I am thankful for the knowledge I knew in space but it is nothing like the real thing. My dreams came true but they're bigger and brighter than I ever thought. December 20, 3081
I cant believe the day is finally here it is officially all different from anything and everything I have ever known. I feel free finally to do me and actually live my life with the one I love. I have never felt so amazing until I felt the sun kiss my skin for the first time, for once i was glad to be alive in a world so beautiful. For once i do not feel different and do not have to be alone. i am now in a world full of love. January 1, 3082.

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