Diane Arbus by jennifer mcvey


  • Arbus was an American photographer who was born in 1923 and died at the young age of 48 in the year 1971
  • She was one of the most distinguished talents of her time
  • she was born in New York and first wondered into photography alongside her husband, Allan Arbus, not long after World War 2
  • They both gained a lot of fame from the fashion world as a couple due to their talents
  • She later divorced her husband and went on to work independently
  • Her main focuses after this were about the people that were outsiders to society, for example; clowns, exotic dancers, circus performers and transvestites
  • She killed herself on July 26th in 1971, whilst still, tragically, in the highlight of her career


  • She worked with somewhat unusual people such as dwarfs, nudists, giants etc
  • In 1972, one year after she committed suicide, Arbus became the first American photographer to have any of their work displayed at the Venice Biennale, an art gallery and infamous exhibition space, that is based in Venice
  • Her work was said to be a very formal manipulation under blatant sensationalism
  • She is the best known photographer of her time
  • Her work travelled from America to Canada and back for almost a year as an independent exhibition, an outstanding thing as many people branded it


This piece of work by Arbus was never named, as she wanted to leave it untitled and let people decide form themselves. - 1971
The Albino Sword Swallower- 1970
Veteran with a Flag- 1969
This image was simply named, Child Crying- 1967, New Jersey
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jennifer mcvey

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