The Boy By Kasen barron

A true and skilled gamer that does rage, says the damaged remote on the dresser in front of the Tv.

A tall and tired man, says the unmade bed in his room. He loves technology a lot, says the Tv in the living room.

A true loving and caring person, says the old chocolate lab outside.

A true lover of candy, says the empty bowl of candy in the kitchen.

A true lover for football and a truly skilled football player, says the footballs in the trophy case in the living room.

He won't give up to be on the OU football team, says the painting of the OU football team on the wall.

A hard working man, says the old dirty shoes in his room.

A real school spirit person, says the Midway jacket on the wall.

An amazing golfer, says the golf club bag in his room.

A strong man, says the weights on the ground.

An extremely smart and intelligent person, says the 100 AVG on his reportcard.

A very vicious and territorial person, says the flag with the rattlesnake in his room.

A loud person and a lover of music, says the Rock Revival speaker on his dresser.

A lover if cooking and dreams of being a famous cook, says the pot on the stove.

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