Air Travel A 200 word challenge

Watch the video THEN use the questions to write a 200 word response using Adobe Spark Page. Aim for about 50 words per section.

Where in the world would you like to go on holiday, and why?


Would you be willing to spend some of your holiday travelling to and from your destination by land or sea in order to reduce your air travel?

IF YOU went on holiday in your own country without taking a plane, WHERE WOULD YOU GO AND WHY?

Once you've written your 200 words in Adobe Spark Page, share your page using the SHARE button at the top and paste your link here. Extra credit will be given to students using images alongside their writing to bring their words alive!


Created with images by William Bayreuther - "untitled image" • Red Dot - "Airport departure lounge - quirky little airport near Andorra" • Guilherme Madaleno - "I took this photo on top of the Edifício Itália, at the observation deck in São Paulo downtown. That’s one of my first photos using my 300mm camera lens. I really like airplanes and I could not miss an opportunity to register this beautiful A320 (I guess!) during takeoff from Congonhas Airport." • Josh Nezon - "Train cars in the mountains" • Conor Samuel - "The female Liver Bird is said to look over the river Mersey looking out for sailors that are entering the port. The male Liver Bird is looking over the city said to be looking for the pub."