GIT Creative Agency Spring 2017

Dscoop Convention

The GIT Creative Agency was asked to participate in a print convention organized in Phoenix by the name of DScoop. The students were in charge of specific interviews, portrait illustrations for a daily printed DScoop magazine, DScoop social media photos and official DScoop videos. The agency students spent 3 to 4 days in the Phoenix convention center volunteering for the whole event and learning about print. The event was a huge success and the students were able to take a look into the print world.

GIT Graduate Website.

An agency student was asked to recreate the GIT Graduate Website in order to include new information for incoming graduate students. The website was recreated to fit the GIT Faculties needs. The most important tasks in this project were wireframing, development and launch. This project has been successfully accomplished.

GIT Wall Posters.

The GIT Posters were created by a team of agency students. The posters were needed for one of the hallways in the Technology Center. The GIT Faculty wanted to show visitors what the GIT program is capable of. The students designed large banners that are now hung on the wall. The students designed the posters, took photos and inserted the photos in the posters. They then sent the poster designs to the GIT faculty to get approval. After the posters were approved the designs were sent to the ASU Print & Imaging Lab. They were then installed, however some of the posters may need to be updated due to a few printing errors.

Hush-A-Bye Nursery.

The organization had asked the GIT Creative Agency to help rebrand and recreate their WordPress website. The students had to work with the client to gather the right amount of content including photos. One of the students focused on logo design while the other student recreated the website. At the very end the organization had asked for portraits and so those were also taken and added to the site. The Hush-A-Bye Nursery was very thrilled to get a new website and branding.


This organization asked for two separate projects. The first being monitor issues and low quality images. ICAN has a monitor in the front office and one in each classroom. They wanted high quality images and a way to automatically update their monitors to show the most recent events. ICAN had previously been using a paid for software that was constantly breaking down so they had come to the GIT Creative Agency to get advice. The solution was to use Prezi and Adobe Spark for high quality content. ICAN was able to use Prezi in presentation mode to instantly update their monitors. They were taught by the student how to use Adobe Spark to create high quality content for their organization events.

The second project was to create an interior page that would allow the students to easily find links and certain pages while in class. The interior page was needed to house specific links for the students to click on while at home or in the classroom. They wanted a private website because it would be easier for the students and the activity could be supervised. The agency had been asked to completely redesign and organize their current content. This project has not yet been finished.

New Frontiers.

This organization asked for the following: a logo, stationary, business cards, website, newsletter and social media marketing. Two students were assigned to take on the logo project to begin with. They created several different logo variations that the company had asked for. However, there were some program communication issues between the stakeholders. Many of the stakeholders felt like they did not need a new logo and the other half thought the opposite. The logos had been forwarded to several different individuals and the responses varied drastically. The two students had come up with the correct content although the organization was not ready for any program changes. In the end the logo was not used and the project has been stopped to see what the next steps would be.

GIT Scoop.

The GIT Scoop is an HTML newsletter that is sent out on a weekly basis to GIT students. Previously there had been a professor updating the Scoop and sending it out. Two students in the agency had been asked to redesign it and to take care of it. The GIT Faculty wanted the Scoop to be fully responsive and easy for student to read. The two agency students met up with a HTML email specialist who taught them how to correctly make a better working newsletter. For the whole semester, the two students organized content and sent out the newsletter while watching the reaction of the students to see if the newsletter was working. The new GIT Scoop has been helpful and works very well. It is sent out on a weekly basis with updated information.

Agency Wall Wrap.

The Wall Wrap project was a project created specifically for the GIT Creative Agency. On the side of the classroom entrance there was a clear wall and the agency wanted to show that this area was welcoming and belonged to the agency. For this project, there was a large team of students who at first created mockups of the wall and showed it to the whole agency. After the agency members picked out their favorite designs the team began taking photos of what they wanted to include in the design.

After the full design was created and approved by the GIT Faculty, it was sent to the ASU Print & Imaging Lab to be printed on vinyl. Once it was printed the students installed the wall wrap along with the help of the ASU Print & Imaging Lab workers. The wall wrap is planned to updated in the future because some of the photos were blurry after being printed and a portion of the logo circle has been accidently cut off. There will have to be improvements in the near future.

GIT Graduate Video.

The GIT Graduate Video was a project given to three agency students. The video would be used as an orientation for online graduate students while providing information about the program and introducing professors. The students have begun working on this project and will most likely continue during the next semester. Interviews with the professors have not yet been set up however they are currently planning for a time and a date.

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