Tour of the Florida Museum of Natural History by quin morris

The exibit that stood out to me the most was for sure the butterly rainforest. It was a beautiful day outside and I went on the tour with on of my good freinds Alec. I didnt realize how absolutely massive the exibit was and how big it felt on the inside. There were thousands of butterflies, sometimes even landing on me. I also loved the coy fish at the bottom of the exibit in the stream they created. It was truly an experience.

The natural world is extremely important to me as a person, and it always has been. I love to fish, scuba dive, spearfish, and hunt as well as many other outdoor activites. I grew up on the water my whole life and respect for the ocean and the land is extremely important. As i walked through the museum, it was like everything was alive and so surreal. The exibits were lifelike and made the experience of the museum as a wole much better.

I had an unbelievable experience at the museum and was able to take a break from school work in general. The butterfly exibit as well as many other cool exibits like the massive megladon shark jaws amazed me. I was able to just imagine how big that animal was millions of years ago swimming in the ocean. I think I already knew who I was when regarding to nature because I have been around it so much, but the museum did give me new information about nature.

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