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Luxury, styling, quality and embracing your beauty will make this an experience you will never forget. Your time here starts at your first phone call. Custom made experiences to empower confidence from the inside out. Boudoir signature and underwater sessions start at 415. Collections start at 1100 however you have the ability to chose ala carte as well if you are looking for smaller packages.

All display items are of the finest quality from the top labs. JT Noir does not carry a minimum order requirement, however, most clients invest between 1700-2900. This is a once in a lifetime experience (and in some cases the addiction to the pampering is to much and many clients come back for more!) and because of this we hold a loyalty card for you in cases where you need a day to return to unwind, relax and rejuvenate your beauty.

We have the following licensed technicians waiting to pamper you to reinvigorate that powerful person into the world that is YOU! These are upon request prior to the date of your session.

  • Makeup artist (for day of session)
  • Massage therapist (for prior to session day to relax, or after session to fulfill your amazing day of pampering)
  • In house jewelry consultant for the perfect accessories to your wardrobe.

Wardrobe style guides are always available. Chose from your own collection or borrow from the studio's closet. If you chose your own, make sure all personal wardrobe brought to the studio is clean and wrinkle free. Please bring a few choices of clothing options, and accessories in case you decide to do an add on. Don't forget the little things such as jewelry, stockings and shoes that will give your session a perfect touch! Have your nails done if you prefer color, or nothing at all (cracked nail polish will show up in the images and will not be retouched). Wear lotion on the legs and arms as it will add to a radiant glow on your skin. Drink plenty of water the night before and day of.

Other than that--the only thing you need to bring is a positive attitude! We will have a fantastic time and I will coach you through the whole process. Posing and techniques every step of the way!

If you would like to send me a few images that you have connected with so I may further see your style and inspiration I would gladly look them over !

Join my private VIP group on fb where you can see more amazing looks, get tips on your session and see upcoming events/specials.


How far in advance do I need to book?

The studio books months in advance as most clients prefer to have it on their calendar ahead of time. However, if you are in need of a session in a rush, feel free to contact the studio as sometimes there are last minute rescheduling.

Do you have rescheduling fees?

Due to the busy calendar, the studio does have fees depending on how close to your session you need to reschedule. Basically the closer to the session, the less of your retainer can be applied to your final purchase.

What kind of touch ups do you do? For example, can you edit stretch marks?

This is completely up to you! I have worked with clients who prefer the natural look, and some who prefer to be full retouched. I think both are wonderful and am happy to accommodate which ever way you prefer (up to a point- I will strongly suggest against complete transformation unless it is something super cool like making you into a mermaid or fairy:)

What are the session rates? Do we have to do our own makeup?

Session rates for boudoir are 415 and include hair and makeup by the studios artist Devan Hodge. The investment page can also give you more information

Do we bring our own outfits?

I encourage you to bring some items that are meaningful to you (hey this is the fun part to shop for some amazing new pieces!) However if you are like me and hate shopping, don’t worry I have you covered! The studio is stocked with all sizes and styles. You can borrow it all or add to what you bring to your session.

Should I tan before I shoot?

Please avoid this if at all possible. Retouching sunburns or spray tans are an extra fee. We are located in Florida so I know tan lines are going to be there, but spray tans (no matter how amazing the product) always come out orange on camera.

I am worried about not being at my goal weight. Should I wait or reschedule ?

Honestly no. I have come across women of all shapes and sizes, each one that leaves with amazing confidence. If we wait until we think we look perfect, we would wait forever. We are our own worst critics but a boudoir session can crush those insecurities, so the time to shoot is always now. Start your life into a forward motion of loving every part of you!

I do not want anyone seeing my images. Do you always put them on your website ?

I never put up anyone’s images that has not signed a model release. Some women chose to sign a full release, others partial without showing face, and some decide not to sign at all. Your session and the privacy of your images is my first concern.


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