Meet the Ministry Leaders Central Valley Church of Christ

LAUNCH (OUTREACH) TEAM - Matt Parker (Social Media), Emily McDaniel (Social Media and Website), Garrett and Mallory Lloyd (Community Outreach), Jim Fly (CV Rides)
GROW (DISCIPLESHIP) TEAM - Celia Owen (Children's Ministry), James Mosley (Student Ministry), Andy Finchum (Student Ministry), Garrett and Mallory Lloyd (Young Adult Ministry), Darian Konig (Senior Leader and Young Adult Ministry), Adult Education (Garner Ezell), Connect Group (Dax McDaniel), First Steps (Jason Owen)
MOVE (SERVICE/MISSIONS) TEAM - Celia Owen (CV Moves), Andy Finchum (Senior Leader and Community Needs), Elissa Finchum (Compassion), Dax McDaniel (Quarterly Service Projects)
UNITE (WORSHIP/FELLOWSHIP) TEAM - Tanya Griffin (Women's Ministry), Mike Kather (Senior Leader, Communion Prep), Joseph Griffin (Worship Assignments), Jonah Griffin (Audio/Video), Sammy and Selina Ford (Building Cleaning), Bobby Shenfish (CV Cafe), Ellen Konig (Fellowship Meals),


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