Body Systems By matthew madrigal

The nervous system is part of the brain. the nervous system sends signals to the body such as eyes touch and smell. its also connected by the central nerves. it is attached by the spinal cord

the digestive system is part of the teeth. the teeth is very important to it because it chews the food. the very important system in the digestive system is the stomach. they get the vitamins stay in the body and the bacteria out but they also make more vitamins too. the digestive system interacts with the the throat teeth and stomach

The most important about the respiratory system is that it moves the bones and makes us breath. the lungs are part or is the respiratory system. the system interacts with the heart beat and oxygen composition.

The muscular system. There are bones in the muscular system (of course there's bones).there are minerals and they replace bones. there are over 300 bones when you are born but when u get older you're bones fuse together. bones are connected by each other by joints. the muscles hold up the bones.

There are four parts in the heart in one side it contains blood in the other side it contains used blood they go down but they never go back up then they go to the body. they interact with the body so the body has blood


Created with images by Dreaming in the deep south - "nervous system" • Double--M - "Central nervous system drawing circa 1900" • Hey Paul Studios - "Digestive System Anatomical Embroidery Hoop Art. Hand Painted Blue Watercolor." • Hey Paul Studios - "Large Scale Digestive System Diagram. Framed Wall Hanging. Hand Embroidery." • Tmelu - "Human respiratory system" • evillalba - "Hand and Wrist" • winnifredxoxo - "heart"

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