The UK facts about Uk

UKs offisial name is The United Kingdom of Great britain and Northen Ireland. it has a population of 60,068,000 people. The capital name is London and its separated in four regions England, Scotland, Wales and Northen Ireland. The head of the state is the queen, and pound is used as currency. The most important industries is machine tools, electric power equipment and shipbuilding. the most popular sports in the UK is football, golf, rugby, and cricket.

The British Empire

• The British empire covered more than 37million square kilometers in 1921.

• A population of 470 and 570million.

• The British empire felt apart after world war 2.


• Most popular team sport in the world.

• Became an Olympic event in 1908.

• Invented by the Chinese more than 2000 years ago.


• China and India are two of the most important tea producers.

• 1500 different varieties of the tea plant.

• Consume 165million cups one day in average.


• Factories produced cotton, iron, and steel.

• Had some of the world largest reserves of coal.


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