A collection of images taken this Autumn. It’s been a great season with a mixture of light as you’d expect. This year I decided to make more of an effort to record the wonderful colours and light in quite a variety of locations and styles.

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Lumsdale Upper Falls

Lumsdale Falls

In the South of the Peak District near Matlock, I’ve visited here many times. Autumn is the perfect season to capture the different levels of the falls and the rich warm colours.

Lumsdale Lower falls
Lumsdale Lower Falls
Standing in a cave to get this shot..

Autumnal Colours

Rich golden light, warm brown earthy tones and warm yellows, the colours are stunning. From blue sky days and dark subdued light, Autumn always delivers with an attentive eye.

Small weir on Dovestone, Peak District.
Sunshine side lights trees, an old gnarled tree bathed in soft warm light, and Wyming Brook absorbs golden light from above.

Lake District

Capturing Autumn has to include the Lake District. With soft rolling hills and still lakes the landscape looks stunning in Autumn.

The Grotto, Rydal House. Late afternoon and golden light spills into the gorge casting shadows and highlights.

Millennium Stones on Derwentwater, a spellbinding foreground for the rich colours of the trees.

Soft light and still water, a perfect setting for the Millennium Stones, with a view towards Borrowdale.

Isthmus Bay

Isthmus Bay is a small quiet bay away from the crowds with a stunning feature, the broken stone jetty. With Derwent Island and the outline of Cat Bells hill, it makes a great photographic location.

Twilight at Isthmus Bay. With lower water the jetty is fully exposed.
Twilight on Isthmus Bay.

Crow Park

It’s easy to see why this is such an iconic view, with Derwent Island in the centre and submerged fences leading in...

A glorious sunset at Crow Park. Still water reflects the sky whilst a partly submerged fence points towards Derwent Island.

Just look at that light....

A moody twilight, the colours were stunning. Derwent Island reflects in the water while the last light fades gently away over Cat Bells.
Behind the Scenes
Dawn light starts to spill into Borrowdale. Even the seagulls sat enjoying the moment..
Keswick Landing. The row boats had been stored for winter but Lady Derwentwater sits waiting the next day trippers as the dawn sun rises.

Experimental Shots

I played around with a different ‘feel’ this year, low contrast and subdued light to accent the mood.

Helios 44-4 Lens

Another experiment was with the old Soviet manual Helios 44-4 lens. It fits with an adapter and is completely manual but gives some wonderful bokeh. It now has a home in my kit back for more shots.


Snowdonia in Wales has such a variety of opportunities for images. Lakes and mountains abound, it has a more rugged atmosphere to the Lake District and it’s own micro climate making weather interesting.

The Fairy Glen. Set at the botttom of a deep gourge, water and light spills through an opening to create a stunning scene.
THAT tree. The Lone Tree on Llyn Paddarn, loved and loathed because it’s probably the most photographed tree in the UK. With a view like that I’ll back back yet again.

Llyn Ogwen

A favourite location because it has so much to offer and the weather can change by the minute. With two lakes, streams and waterfalls, mountain views and valleys it’s popular, so go during the week.

The bridge to Cwm Idwal with Mt Tryfan shrouded in cloud. A few months earlier I’d wild camped up there for 2 days.
The sun tries to break through after heavy rain.

Typical Snowdonia weather in early Autumn

Ogwen Falls

The river runs down from Cwm Idwal to Llyn Ogwen and it’s a favourite location. Not very Autumnal, this could have been any day in Snowdonia, but I love the location.
A row boat near Llyn Padarn Bridge
Yet again a typical day in Snowdonia, dark, moody skies...

Peak District

I haven’t done as much as I usually do in the Peak District this year, spending more time getting to know other areas. I run many 1to1 workshops in the Peaks so I don’t get to shoot that often.

One of my groups..


Return to the falls, with a view like this it would be silly not to.

Leafy made an appearance
Sunlight glitters through the trees
The very top section of Lumsdale which is split into 4 levels..

Wyming Brook

A favourite location, I’ve been here so many times because it’s a photographers playground. It’s a place of wonder and my ‘go-to’ on grey grim days. It should be called ‘Fairy Brook’....

Wyming ‘Fairy’ Brook showing why I love this place. Wait for the light and it rewards..
So many angles and views at Wyming Brook, these are just a few..
The first bridge, one of 4....
Playing with light in the background, the WB recorded the water quite blue, it gave it an ethereal quality..

Monsal Weir

An image captured earlier in the year just before Spring, it looked so Autumnal.

Stanage and Higger

Favourite locations for my workshops because they are so accessible and there’s so much to shoot, and they are the epitome of the Peak District, rugged and rocky, it seems like a different world...

1 The Dinosaurs Foot, Higger Tor. 2 The spectacular Shelter Rock, Higger Tor. 3 ‘Get off my land’. 4 Sunset on Stanage Edge. 5 Sunset on Higger Torr.
The last of the colour from the Heather on Stanage Edge.
A misty sunset at Ashupton Viaduct
On the way to the Peak District, rain and sun means rainbows...


Not a holiday, I wish. I was in Portugal running a workshop for Olympus Passion. Whilst it isn’t exactly Autumnal, the light changes in October giving beautiful warmth to the sunsets and sunrises.

There will be two workshops next year, one along the West coast to capture these locations and one in the North for Autumn. If you’re interested drop me a line...

Carrasqueira, the famous fishing jetties at sunset.
The stunning coastline of Portugal captured at sunset and sunrise, and a chance to shoot boats too. 1. Dawn at Praia dos Buizinhos 2. Sunset in Arrifana 3. Boats at Villa Nova de Milfontese
Sunset at Zambujeira..
One on my students was struggling with this scene not having wellies so I showed him how. Get in there...it’s only water..
Out on location

The Lakes Revisited

A cold cold clear night in the Lakes, I knew what that meant, mist at dawn. Parking overnight at Waterhead, this was the reward..

The first rays of sunlight start to hit the fells of the Lake District
Boats on Windermere and a frost covered jetty
Dawn approaches and the warmth creates mist on the water. It was still, peaceful, and a joy to experience.
Another visit to Isthmus Bay, this time for dawn..

Meols on the Wirral

My good friend Ray McBride is the master of this location so I had a few trips over to shoot with him in late September / October. I still don't have the shot I want, but these were still worth the effort...more visits to come...

When the tide goes out it really goes out. This abandoned boat is the furthest away and made a great long exposure subject.
Different light and different subjects, the pool of water with reflected shadow still eludes me, but not for long.

Random Shots

A few random shots from different locations, the Lake District, Dovestone Reservoir and the Peak District.

The Coast

The coast wasn't to be ignored in Autumn. There's little chance to capture the colours of trees, instead it's a chance to use the light of sunrise and sunset which seems to be softer later in the year.


Holy Island

The enigma that is Holy Island. Standing in front of Lindisfarn Castle you have to let the history and the ambiance fill you. It's a truly spiritual place.

Bamburgh Castle

Golden sunlight rises over the Farne Islands at dawn.

Another location that is a must in Northumberland, Bamburgh Castle. Standing majestically looking out to sea and the Farne Islands, it's an incredible place to visit just to experience, and a wonderful place to shoot. Two years ago I slept in the car for two nights waiting for a good dawn, this time I had a dawn and sunset.

1+2. Low tide at Bamburgh beach giving some great lead in lines to the hero of the shot, Bamburgh Castle. 3+4 Theremains of the old jetty at the side of Lindisfarne, and the castle at low tide.
Golden light breaks through to illuminate Bamburg castle at dawn.
Home for the night....

Dunstanburgh Castle

The famous or infamous rocks at Dunstanburgh, slippery and lethal they have claimed many a victim.


A favourite subject, and who doesn't love lighthouses. They stand there watching as the guardians of the sea, warning those brave souls. I was lucky enough to get a few shots I was very happy with....

South Stack Anglesey

Two images I was so pleased with this year, a sunset as the sun dips to the horizon, and twilight, as the last rays illuminate the sky filling it with colour.

Point Of Ayr Lighthouse

Point of Ayr lighthouse on Talacre Beach, North Wales. It's always had a place in my heart, where I once took my sons for a few days. They loved riding mountain bikes on the hard sand at low tide.

Getting down low to make the most of the foreground and the patterns which looked like a dinosaurs tail to me.

More to come...

That's it for now. This is just a selected of images I have been fortunate to capture on my travels, and there is plenty more to come. Please feel free to comment, share and please follow me on Social Media where I post something new every day.

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