The Renaissance By Stevie

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

The reopening of the Silk Road helped the Renaissance start because it inspired trade, the Renaissance was partly about trade. “People could buy more of the things they wanted. Trade increased, and new products appeared in the markets.”(Holt 298). This was important because people started to demand product from other areas. Traders had to travel far and wide and they learned things along the way. Marco Polo wrote a book about his travels, and that's important because people became interested in Europe.The Renaissance was largely about education, this is related because people became more interested in Asia. In conclusion, people learned things.

Italian Trade cities (Florence)

The Medici family

LEFT-Cosimo Medici, according to Google RIGHT-Florence, the home of the Medicis

Rediscovering The Past (Greek and Roman)

What is this? Can any of you tell me?

Greek and Roman ideas helped shape the Renaissance by inspiring artists. By now, you should know that the Renaissance was largely about art. Though such a statement isn't in the text, Renaissance artists tried to expand on the idea of realistic art that was popularized by the ancient cultures. Renaissance artists (I feel like I'm saying that too much) took the already stunningly realistic satues and such, then they started adding so much more detail that you could almost tell what the person had for breakfast that morning.

Leonardo Da Vinci

The button below is a biography of Leonardo da Vinci. It talks about his works of inventions and art. Press it to learn more.

Left- Mona Lisa. Right- an airship looking device


This is pretty much about his life

Paper and printing (Johann Gutenberg)

The movable type was a system invented by Johann Gutenberg. It features little blocks with letters that could be covered in ink, pressed against a paper, then reused for another text. This affected litterature by allowing books to be mass produced.

LEFT- movable type RIGHT- people working on movable type

Renaissance writing (Shakespeare)

William Shakespeare's literature reflected the humanist ideas and attracted such a broad audience because it was written in the common language, or vernacular. "The following passage reflects the Renaissance idea that each human being is important"(Holt 316). The passage was written by Shakespeare, so that means he wrote about humanism. The fact that he wrote in the vernacular and his humanist ideas attracted a huge audience, though such a statement isn't in the text, it'd be common sense.

To be or not to be, that is the question- Shakespeare's Hamlet.

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