Fig tree and recruiting March Week 4

Hey Jedi and padawan. i know, this is a weird image, but bear with me

Jesus answered, "I saw you while you were still under the fig tree. I saw you there before Philip called you." John 1:48

Here starts the story of recruiting. But first, start by reading John 1: 35-51.

Seriously, read it :)

No, really, you have to start by reading that. Come on, go for it :)

This passage is basically the beginning of the Jesus' disciples story.

It all started with one person that talks and invites: Andrew.

There are a few quick lessons to learn for this story.

Which you will read in our Jedi academy at the end of this Jedi News!!

Easter first.

We want every team member to serve on Easter.

It's not about guilting someone into serving. NEVER.

It's more about saying stuff like this.
  • I love you so much I WANT to serve with you
  • I miss you when you're not there, the team misses you in your absence
  • I don't want the enemy to rob your blessings
  • I know you're worth more than just not showing up
  • The kids miss you
  • We are incomplete when you're not here with us
  • We count on you
  • You are such a great person (and say one compliment that you really believe)
  • You are an addition to our fighting squad
  • Are you ok? We missed you last week.

It's about encouraging them to grow, to engage, to commit to their team, our kids, our families. "The We over Me" lifepoint cultural value.

Easter is our time of battle

Your people willingly follow you when you go into battle. ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭110:3‬ ‭NET‬‬

As a coach, your great ministry is to lead your TL to battle, to serve with passion, with the same passion that inhabits you. Yes, that passion I see every week in you.

As a team leader, your great ministry is to lead your squad, your team to battle, to serve with passion. To invite them to come and take their blessing for them, and not leave it to others.

Let us push together, pull together, laugh together, win battles together and enjoy the blessings together

Team leaders OWN your room, your environment. Experiment ministry by your coach's side.

Take your cue

By seeking God FIRST in our day, in the direction we take, and even in our disappointments, we can form the first new habit towards being all that God created us to be.

Go answer ponder these things, for your own growth
  • March 26th - VO @ 8:30 & 4pm SHOW UP!!!!! I want everyone to show up and talk to some new recruits.
  • March 26th - Family Dedication Service 2:30-3:30 PM
  • April 4th - GROW 6:30-8:30 PM
  • April 5th - It is my birthday :)
  • April 9th - VO @ 8:30 & 4pm SHOW UP!!!!! I want everyone to show up and talk to some new recruits.
Come on coaches, these times are specifically planned for you!!! If you've got another time, ask me. It can be live or by video.

Team Leaders, you can fill in these spots if I'm available. Just go faster that your coach!

In our growing church, needs change and sometimes, people move in response to God's calling. A couple of weeks ago, Pastor Daniel asked our campus director Coy Sizemore, and at the same time our Quest AM coach Melissa, if he would live out a new endeavor at our Spotsy campus. Knowing Coy and Melissa's heart for this Lifepoint house, they both said yes. That is a testament their willingness to serve and their faith.

So this Sunday is their last Sunday with us. It is not that they wanted to leave as much as they were willing to follow the leadership of our executive team in filling the need at Spotsy. I applaud their faith, I cry our loss. I rejoice in their obedience, I'm sad for us Jedi.

But hey, we are still in the same church, just a different location, same house, just a different room.

Easter is coming.

It will be great. Tons of people have been becoming fully alive and committing their lives to Christ. This is a time for us to be a blessing and be blessed at the same time! We will also have a carnival feel to the services. It will be great.

  • Saturday 6PM
  • Sunday 8, 9:30, 11:30 AM. 1:30, 3:00 and 5PM.

Let's get our teams rolling!

  1. The idea is not to ask our team mates when they're serving but rather ASK them which 2 services they're serving!
  2. I know every one gives on a regular basis, but Easter is not business as usual. So we don't invest like our usual selves
Who are you teaching and entrusting right now?
  • Pray for Coy and Melissa Sizemore as they transition to our Spotsy campus where they will be a blessing. Qui Gon Jinn, you will be missed. Do not forget their daughter Kaelei who also makes this move.
  • Courtnie Wolfe (Quest) is getting married with John on April 1st. Pray for them in those final details that need to be managed!
  • Let's pray for FUTURE NEW VOLUNTEERS! We've added many new team mates
  • Jennifer Morse's father, our VO and connection coach, has undergone hip surgery and need to recover and gain strength
  • Lori Stanley's little sister passed away this week suddenly. Pray for her in this time bereavement.
Our series for the next 3 weeks

Specifics in environments

In order to better assess where and how many "real" volunteers we have, i will ask each environment to fill out a new document on Sundays.

It's basically a "roster" document. Teammates (you included!), just need to write their names down and check how many services they ministered. Simple. Efficient.

This document NEEDS to be signed

5PM teams: we have a new thing

Every week, we have some material that goes to garbage at the end of service

  • empty or empty water bottles
  • every piece of paper that is not reusable (lesson scripts, small/large groups script, extra craft stuff, etc)
  • Extra weekly handouts

Every week, we have some material NEEDS to come back to me at the end of service

This page is in your folder in EACH environment. Here's what to do whit it

  • Look for the noted material
  • Bring it back to the Production area in the Quest theaters.
  • There, you will find a small plastic bin where it is noted "Recyclable"
  • Put it in there.
  • Check the list :)
  • And thanks for doing this.


For every volunteers convenience, they can check in at any echeck station from now on. It will simplify everything :)

Fill out your attendance sheets, they are not optional!

  • Easter is coming soon, and you will get a great opportunity to be live out some "Christ-decision making". Get ready for it.
  • Before worship, during the 5 minute countdown, make sure all is done before the 4th minute. The last 30 seconds, our Large group leader will call everyone to the front and amp up everyone for worship


  • Make sure your rooms are clean when you leave. Another group is coming after you
  • When you starts your service experience, make sure you use the "intro" document so can ease in the topic of the day for our younger ones.


  • Make sure you keep ALL MATERIAL available for the 5PM team
  • You're doing great guys!


  • Keep you room clean! Come on, you can do this.
  • As leaders of that group, have an attitude of worship when you join Quest 2-3 in the theater. They will follow your lead. Participate. I should see and hear you singing and having fun

These need to be given away EVERY WEEK!

  • Make sure you keep one copy of each document at the 8AM service in case we need need to make copies.
  • Keep getting there on time, it's a way you show Honor to your teammates, the kids and their parents
  • Fill out you attendance sheets, they are not optional!
  • Keep on loving these babies.
  • Snacks are now put in every room instead of being centrally stacked
  • Try to memorize some parents' names this week
This is where you should park on Sundays!

Notes from team night

Honor is not only about words, it's about actions
  1. Let's honor every single one of our teammates by cleaning up our area after your done serving.
  2. We also honor by being on time at VIPs!
  3. I want to lift 2 thumbs up for a group of people I've been meeting with lately. Once a month, I meet with future Team leaders. They will lead soon: Jeanie Moore, Angie Sims, April Rodriguez, Sarah Bright, Hannah Martino, Terrance Saunders, Chris Lomax and Tyler West.
  4. Tessa Ramsey of First Time Families is heading in her crazy season of work. She has served faithfully as a coach for that team for years. For the next season, I am happy to say she will continue serving as a team leader under Richard Ramos, who becomes our coach for that environment.

So, have you read John 1: 35-51?

The fig tree is funny in this story because Jesus uses it to tell Nathanael (v 50) that his previous excuse (v. 46) was a bogus one.
  • Nazareth? Can anything good come from there? Nate was asking Philip. "Come and see was his answer".

And this story is all about recruiting people. In this case, Jesus' first disciples...who were John the baptist's disciples!

The fig tree was Jesus link to bring Nate on board. So, what "fig tree" analogy" will you use to bring people on board to serve with you, to follow you on your team?
About recruiting people
  • It takes one person to start the chain of reaction: in this case, John presents Andrew to Jesus (v37)
  • Andrew was "entrusted" to give the good news of the new found messiah: you are entrusted to tell the good news of Jesus in KP! (v40)
  • Andre goes to his brother, Simon Peter first. You can start recruiting by going to people very close to you (family) (v41)
  • Andrew and Simon went to their village and found Philip(v44). Go to your village to talk about Kidspoint : small group partners, family friends, people for your neighborhood, etc.
  • People will have excuses NOT TO serve, like Nathanael, or Nate like I call him (v46)
Here's what Andrew, Simon Peter and Philip did to "recruit"
  • They talked about what they found, the messiah, the long awaited one, in their case. You can talk about what you found in KP: friends, co-workers in ministry, a team
  • They talked about their experience. You, well, talked about the blessings of giving, of fanning the flame of serving, kids singing and learning
  • They talked who Jesus was. You can mention what KP is all about: a fun, secure Christ-centered environment where kids and adults alike are pointed to Jesus.
  • They invited people, "come and see" attitude, no pressure. You can do the same, "come and see" what we do, "come and see" for yourself.
The fig tree was Jesus link to bring Nate on board. So, what "fig tree" analogy" will you use to bring people on board to serve with you, to follow you on your team?

Having written this, people will be like Nate and have reasons not to serve. Next few Jedi news, we will unpack answer to those objections.

  • Contact everyone on your Arena roster that is not regularly serving, before the end of March. The roster is who Arena says is on the team. For example, Dive 2B says there are 33 team members on that team. Yet, I'm sure Kerry Mckenney never sees 33 people serving. And it's the case for just about every team.
  • By contacting them, you will allow them to find out they are missed, you're their team leader/coach, you're expecting them to keep serving
  • If they're are on a team, I, as well as you, expect them to be serving.
  • If everyone on the roster would serve when they're expected to, we would have no problem with the number of kids we have! The teams are numerous enough. By the way, we honor our team mates when we remind them when they're supposed to be on duty:)
  • At the same time, use that convo as a reminder of Easter. We need them to step up, be a blessing
  • If Arena notes need to be added, write them down, put them in your Sunday folder, Lindsey will note them in the system after.
The things you have heard me say, entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.

A little reminder of some goals that have not changed !!

Team leaders, make sure you send the TEAM Jedi News to your roster and teammates.

  1. Become 3 deep in all of our leadership positions by June 30th
  2. Have 1 ready-to-go padawan each by March 31sh. This should be DONE! I will ask you this Sunday!
  3. Recruit 30 NEW volunteers by March 31st . We're at 34 counting last weekend's VO!
  4. Every week, show 1 person something they should be doing in your place!
  5. Talk to 1 parent per service, every week. Many will join the team!
  6. Speed up connection process : refer to the "Orientation & Connection Process". document. 2 weeks MAX from V.O. to Team mate

One last thing for the orientation and connection process. If you have someone that wants to serves, Please, contact them ASAP, strike the iron while it's hot. If I send you a new volunteer, don't postpone that connection, it means that person is "ripe fruit", ready to serve.

Next time, come to team night, you might have a chance to dunk me in...coz, hey, no one on the team was close to be able to do that, right Danielle Love, Tabitha Dunham, Courtnie Wolfe?!

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