The water droplets adventure Created by: alana jones

Once upon a time there were two water droplets. The water droplets were siblings, the eldest was purple, his name was Lunar and the youngest was pink,her name was Brook. One day the water droplets mom told them to go play outside and then they started to evaporate into the pink Cotten candy clouds.
"Oh no! We're not on the ground anymore!" Cried Brook. "Don't worry, we'll probably be on the ground again in no time." Said Lunar
Then after just five hours of being in the clouds they finally precipitated to the river by their home. "Yey, we're finally out of the clouds!" said Brook happily. While Brook and Lunar were precipitating, other water droplets were pouring down on mountains, rivers, lakes, ponds, the ground, wells and on plants. While Lunar was falling, she befriended a beautiful blue,sweet voiced,girl water Droplet name Lily. Her voice was like a piece of silk being dried out in the summer sun being talked into by a taking dolphin.
"Ahhhhh!!!!!! We're being consumed!!!" Yelled Lunar

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