chapter 7 Injun joe is come back

Now Tom have a lot of money and he will do a lot of interesting thing. Tomorow Tom will go to an exploration of the sea with Huck and Becky. Tom ask to Mr Thatcher to take a boat and he said yes. So Tom go in the boat and start to talk with his friends. Huck said I'm very happy beacose now I have a house and my father have a job and he stop to drink whiskey. After talking they decide to jump and swim in the wather for fun. It is very fun said Tom. Becky jump and suddently a hand take Beckys legs and drag her to the cave of ST PETESBURG. She see a door and she said Tom come here but no reponse she is lost!!! she decide to enter in the cave for have a place to stay. She walk in the cave and she see a botle of whiskey and suddently she eard a voice. She said who is it and suddently INJUN JOE ARRIVE!!! than he put her on the wall and speak about his story why and how he is in life. Injun joe said I will go in china and you will stay here.


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